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  • Is Dusty Blue A Summer Color?

    Is Dusty Blue A Summer Color?

    summer decor

    Each season comes with its own distinct color palette with hues reflecting seasonal sights and smells. When it comes to summer, we love how cheerful, valiant and dreamy shades  renovate the natural world into an ambiance of color. The bright blue skies, stunning floral and richness of sunshine make dusty blue the perfect color for summer. Undoubtedly blue means serenity and peace and the dusty blue color with its endless possibilities evokes more peaceful and dreamy mood and gives your event a seamless class and elegance. Color trends are frequently changing but there are few shades that are just as classic as they are chic, means they will fit the trends of today while remaining timeless for years to come. Dusty blue color is so versatile in all the ways. From in-formal to formal ceremonies, different dress styles, skin tone sand even with different color palette, the hue will compliment everything and everyone. Dusty blue, the rare color that works for everyone elevates simpler designs to something very modish and dazzling. If you are still wondering is  dusty blue a summer color, keep reading to discover the magic of  lovely dusty blue color and jump into the sea of endless décor possibilities for your upcoming summer events.    

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  • What Are Summer Wedding Colors?

    What Are Summer Wedding Colors?

    summer decor wedding

    If you are planning to tie the knot this summer and want to make your special day a one to remember, you need some really cool summer wedding colors to bring that instant wow-factor. Summer is an amazing time of the year for any time of kind of celebration and when it’s a wedding then the pleasure is immeasurable. Summer comes with some awesome summer wedding colors palette, both in soft and bold hues, from light and chirpy blues to bold shades of green and pink, the summer wedding colors schemes are just too good to be true. With so many colors options available, picking up the summer wedding colors palette that truly match your style is a tough call, so if you are a bit confused on, ‘what are summer wedding colors’ that can best fit your style? Keep reading as we are sharing some of our favorite summer wedding colors trending in 2021, that will help you pick your summer wedding colors for your summer nuptial.

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  • Let The Sunshine In With Some Chic Summer Decorations!

    Let The Sunshine In With Some Chic Summer Decor...

    summer decor

    Summer, the most delightful time of the year is finally here to make us all feel lively and energetic. The sweet scent of fresh blooms, bright sunny afternoons by the pool and balmy evenings under the stars, make this summer season the most enchanting one of all. So, revel in the festive spirit and soak up the sweet summer sun by enjoying the seasonal bounties and give your homes a rejuvenating summer home decor. To liven up the sweet summer vibes, we have short-listed some of our favorite summer decorations ideas for home that will help you bring the sunshine in and will also let you and your loved ones breathe in a truly refreshing atmosphere. Read along and explore some simple yet chic summer decorations for home and create an oasis where everybody gets the ample amount of joy and sunshine this summer season!

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  • What Colors Are Good For Summer Wedding?

    What Colors Are Good For Summer Wedding?

    2021 Trendy Wedding Colors summer decor wedding

    Summer is an ideal time to indulge in outdoor activities like sightseeing, sunbathing, and taking part in picnics and weddings.  Long days, brief nights and never-ending fun make summer one of the most favorite season of all. No wonder people have bestowed summer with the title of the king of seasons and spring with the title of queen of seasons. It may be easy for you to decide to marry in the summer, but it is a tough call when it comes to deciding the right color palette for the summer wedding. If you intend to marry this summer, several queries may be crossing your mind like What colors are good for summer wedding? What are the rules and conditions to use them? Where to use them? What is the best wedding backdrop? And more! Here is a list of wedding color 2021 that will surely help you figure out the right color palette for your summer wedding.

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  • Stylish Ways to Use Sun Shade Sails To Find Relief From the Heat!

    Stylish Ways to Use Sun Shade Sails To Find Rel...

    Backyard Decorations Decoration supplies summer decor

    We all are eagerly waiting for those long warm days where we can spend most of our time outside enjoying the summer heat. To make the most out of the hot season we must find some interesting ways to create cool shaded spaces to beat the heat. Sun shade sails are one of the latest trends to bring that super leisurely environment that will surely make your hot summer days more relaxing. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles available, these stylish Sun Shade Sails are cost-effective and easy-to-install. Without compromising on glamorous style, these cool Sun Shade Sails will add a wow factor to your outdoor living spaces like patio, lawn, garden, pool, deck, courtyard, backyard, dooryard, park, carport or any other outdoor area. To help you provide with an aesthetically pleasing feeling we have pulled together some cool and creative ways to use outdoor Sun Shade Sails that will revitalize your outdoor settings in the most charming way.

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  • A Chic Table Set up for an End of Summer Backyard Party

    A Chic Table Set up for an End of Summer Backya...

    Backyard Decorations party decoration summer decor table decoration

    We are merely weeks away from officially welcoming the wonderful fall season, so now is the perfect time to say adios to the delightful summers in the most charming way that we know—an exciting end of summer backyard party! Whether you’ve been planning to celebrate any toast-worthy event or you are just looking for an excuse to enjoy the warm sunshine while you can, take the party to your backyard to double the fun. Although backyard parties are known to be laid-back and casual, we think there is no reason that you can’t spruce up your backyard party decorations and turn it into a sophisticated and posh affair with some simple little refined touches. That being set, a beautifully decorated space and a lovely tablescape with a drinks station on the side can really set the ambiance for an elegant summer backyard bash. To help you accentuate your end of summer backyard party decor and give it a lavish appeal, we have created a gorgeous set up that is chic and modern in its very essence! Are you eager to find more about our stunning backyard party decorations? Scroll down to check out the photos and read on to know how we added pizzazz and charm to our set up!

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  • Drift Away to the Seashore with Our Beach Theme Decor

    Drift Away to the Seashore with Our Beach Theme...

    summer decor table decoration

    Who doesn’t love the sweet summertime! Be it the flamboyant display of bright colored flowers swaying in the summer breeze, spending a serene evening in the woods under the twinkling sky with friends gathered around a campfire, or staying cool by the backyard pool with a pitcher of freshly brewed iced tea by your side, summer is surely life at its best. But for us, this blissful season is all about a relaxing day at the beach listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore! Although booking a beach vacation is not really an option right now, recreating the sensational seaside ambiance is certainly a possibility. To be honest, we had been longing to spend a day at the beach after the monotonous quarantine routine, and now that summers are in full swing, we couldn’t wait any longer and assembled a lovely beach theme tablescape that teleported us right to a sandy seashore. Do you want to find more about our beach theme table decor? Scroll down to discover how exactly we managed to evoke the pleasant oceanic vibes all around and check out the video to watch an exclusive panorama of our enchanting summer beach theme tablescape!

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  • Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas In July!

    Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas In July!

    summer decor

    Imagine how mesmerizing it will be to experience the coolness of winter and warmth of summer season at the same time. Yes, we are talking about Christmas in July, the joyous time of the year when festivities take a fun twist by combining summer and winter perks together for one-of-a-kind merry celebration. Gargle your throats and get ready to sing Jingle Bells and celebrate Christmas in July! With the current uncertainty prevailing around due to the virus outbreak, many of the traditional summer festivities aren’t taking place! Don’t lower down your spirits, instead, plan a fun-filled Christmas in July pandemic party right in the confines of your home, and let your loved ones indulge in the festive cheer and be merry. Originated in North Caroline at a summer camp, Christmas in July has been around for more than 80 years, but somehow still misses that merriment which this holiday demands. If you haven’t celebrated Christmas in July before, then you are in for a treat, as we have cherry-picked some fun and festive Christmas in July party ideas for you to give an early kick to your merriments at a time when mostly celebrations aren’t happening or are cancelled. Read on and explore some fun ways to celebrate Christmas in July within the safe zone of your humble abode and quench your thirst for cooler weather and holiday cheer during the warm months of the year.

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