What Is The Cost Of A Fake Flower Bouquet?

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We all love the happy and refreshing feeling that fresh flowers bring to us but keeping them lively and vibrant every day is surely a task. Thanks to the availability of artificial flowers that look amazingly real and can instantly revitalize both indoor and outdoor settings while staying the same all year round. If you are planning to add undying beauty and natural freshness to your party tables, dining table, kitchen counter, console, or entryway with flower bouquets but are unsure about how much does a fake flower bouquet cost, then fret not as the cost completely depends upon the quantity, quality, and design you choose to create a magnificently lifelike fake flower bouquet. However, if you search the market, you will find that an average synthetic flower bouquet will roughly cost you a minimum of $20 and could touch $100 as per your picks and preferences. Explore the enchanting world of artificial flowers with us to add joy, color, and texture to your living spaces with delightful fake flower arrangements that will effortlessly upgrade your event and home décor.

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How Much Do Silk Flower Bouquets Cost?

Although artificial flowers are designed with exquisite attention to detail using high-class materials like velvet, plastic, paper, or polyester but flowers made from silk are still considered to be the best due to their immaculate shine, unmatched beauty, and realistic appearance. As far as the cost of a silk flower bouquet is concerned, it is much more economical and last as long as you wish, unlike a fresh flower bouquet which is much more expensive and withers in just some time. You can easily get an inexpensive silk flower bouquet for $15 but the cost can reach up to $50 depending on the size and quantity of flowers you add as per your likes and taste. No matter if your flower arrangement is big or small, the lovely colorful faces of silk flowers depict such a natural splendor that you will surely be tempted to smell them. Check out our premium quality, skillfully handcrafted range of silk flowers to add entrancing magnificence to your home, office, or any special celebration that requires a class above floral decoration. Our artificial silk flowers stay vivacious, bouncy, and lovely to add unsuppressed beauty to your spaces. 

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What Supplies Do I Need For My Silk Flower Bouquet?

Undoubtedly, artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular due to their lifelike appearance which is making them the perfect alternative to fresh flowers without compromising on natural beauty. If you are a crafty person and love to mix and match beautiful blooms to create your own flower bouquets, you must discover our superb range of blush foam rosescarnation mums, hydrangea kissing flower balls, white baby breath flowers, and flower heads to create some incredible pieces of art that will last the same for years. Don’t forget to add some greenery for a perfect natural touch.

After you have gathered your favorite blooms, now comes the most interesting part to bunch them into an amazing bouquet using floral supplies like a floral foam brick or foam ball to hold your flowers and stems upright. Bring the long stems to the desired length using a stem cutter and use decorative ribbons to assemble them into a lovely bunch. However, if you are running short on time, then directly order our stunningly beautiful artificial flower bouquets like rose bouquets, and peony and lily bouquets, which are readily available to add fresh vibes to your party tables, coffee table, kitchen counter, or patio tabletop using our exceptional quality glass or metal floral vases.

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How To Care For Artificial Flowers?

Luckily, artificial flowers require little care and attention to maintain their colors, freshness, and shape, unlike their fresh counterparts where daily upkeep is required. To keep your faux botanicals lively and happy, just wipe them with a clean cloth or even a baby wipe also does the job to remove any dust and dirt. Moreover, a slight blow with a hairdryer on a cool setting will be the best option for an instant dose of sparkle and freshness. However, if you find any stains or marks on your silk flowers, a little dip in warm bubbly water and air drying using an air blower would bring them back to the same thriving and blooming version of natural flowers which we all crave for. So, caring for fake blooms is super easy with simple cleaning and gentle washing guidelines.

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Undeniably, artificial flowers are the best replicas of fresh flowers with the obvious benefit of lasting with the same beauty, freshness, and vigor. How will you incorporate our nearly natural silk flowers to revamp your event and home decor? Let us know in the comment section below.      

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