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Crystal & Glass Chandeliers


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Crystal & Glass Chandeliers

Take your time as you peruse through our wide selection of crystal & glass chandeliers and let their imperial beauty take you to heavenly heights. Your guest & bridal tables should not be left without a centerpiece, accentuate them with our glass chandelier crystals and experience their glamorous glow. Be it a wedding, bridal shower, thanksgiving or even home décor, our crystal table chandeliers are unsurpassed.

Crystal candelabras are unique centerpieces that will creatively accessorize your tables. You can display our pillar candles, taper candles, votive candles or tea light candles in the most dazzling manner. Look at how stunning our gold metal candelabra candle holder or even our tall metallic silver pillar votive candle holder are. Let your décor not miss the voguish elegance without our dual use chandelier and stand such as the gold diva earring drop chandelier or the tall silver crystal goblet chandelier, that will splendidly hang from the ceiling, oozing oodles of glimmer and shimmer all around!.

Crystal candle holders have for long graced our décor and are not yet about to stop. You can place flowers either on top or at the bottom of our gold sleek pillar crystal candle holder for an added flair. For those who don’t want high candleholders, check out our crystal gold horizontal standing candle holder. When you just want a beautiful and sophisticated centerpiece without so much glitter then our premium glass centerpieces are the ideal choice. These clear masterpieces offered by tableclothsfactory will exude classiness all over your event, indulging your guests to behold a bedazzling spectacle of festive luminosity!
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