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Geometric Decorations

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Geometric Decorations

Contemporary styles and eccentric shapes always attract viewers and are highly appreciated and applied by party planners and home stylists these days. For a touch of style and whimsy in your home, office, or party setting, try our innovative Geometric Decorations. Pick a stunning accent piece from our beautiful collection of gorgeous geometric candle holders to place your candles on or add a romantic touch to your space with beautiful geometric floral centerpieces. Adorn your tables and walls with our eye-catching geometric glass or metal party decoration items that are intricately crafted by our master craftsmen.

Do you have a Scandinavian décor in mind to enhance your home interior, or do you want to add a Nordic charm to your sophisticated dining room? We highly recommend our Geometric Wired Candle Holders featuring fine wire metal construction and a shimmering metallic sheen. Our Linked Metal Geometric Centerpieces with Votive Glass Holders, Gold Hanging Geometric Tealight Candle Holders With Black Iron Stand, 12" Gold Metal Hanging Geometric Candle Holders, and 9" Gold Linked Metal Geometric Centerpieces with Votive Glass Holders are only a few of many modish pieces we offer at our store. These beautiful pieces of artistic nature are designed with clean lines and minimalist approach in mind; hence it is the perfect accessory for a Nordic-style table decoration to enhance the elegance of your home, office, or party space. Furthermore, our hanging geometrical candleholders like 18" Gold Wrought Iron Folding Ball Floral Sphere Geometric Hanging Vase Holder, Gold Metal Geometric Floral Holders Hanging Tealight Candle Holder, and Geometric Flower Stand Centerpiece are the perfect alternative to ceramic or wooden hanging pots. To make a style statement at your next special event or to add a modern touch to your home interior, opt for our 24" Matte Gold Wedding Flower Stand Geometric Centerpiece Vase or 20" Square Gold Metal Wedding Flower Stand Geometric Centerpiece Vases. No matter which style you choose from our geometric centerpieces, enhance their appearance with our votive and tea light candles, silk flowers, artificial succulents, fake vines, or modern terrariums.

If you want to combine a contemporary style of geometric design with the crystalline charisma of glass, our Geometric Glass Flower Vases and Centerpieces are perhaps the best option. Overflowing with trendy charm and quirky designs, our 7" Clear Glass Geometric Prism Terrariums Glass Vases, 6" Rose Gold Mercury Glass Honeycomb Geometric Vases, and 12" Mercury Glass Pentagon Geometric Vases will transform even the simplest tabletops into an epitome of style and shine. Since minimalism, functionality, and clean lines are the heart and soul of Scandinavian décor, TableclothsFactory offers geometric multi-use, multi-purpose, and modern pieces made for decorating special events or everyday life. Visit our collection to see for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy geometric décor ?

Ans: Make your home more fantastic than it already is with the geometric home decors from Tableclothsfactory.com. Atop simple desks and tabletops should rest marvelous chic modern accent pieces, resulting in an alluring display that will add a touch of mystery and intrigue to any space. Our collection of modern decorative accents features a hard glass or sleek metal finish that is perfect for mantle displays, centerpieces, weddings, or home décor. When you need to fill a shelf space, a geometric table decor accent is the easiest way to magnify the overall style of your dwelling. These eye-catching geometric shapes decor are the perfect investment to accentuate modern, on-trend spaces. Come and explore our gorgeous geometric décor collection and find the perfect piece to jazz up your space.

2. How to make a geometric centerpiece ?

Ans: Geometric metal decors can vary in size, design, and shape, and are so versatile they can be used as a terrarium, vase, or candleholder to be displayed on a stand or by themselves on a tabletop. You can also tie a ribbon or twine and use them as hanging decorations. For instance, if you are getting married outdoors and have an awesome tree with low hanging branches or a nice ceremony arch, you can display them there as a cool boho-inspired backdrop. From hexagon to pentagons, lanterns, prism, and tall vessels, these geometric shape centerpieces prove that variety can spice up life and even table settings.

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