Plants add a fresh pop of color to the dull, drab and dreary ambiance; and reduce stress and anxiety. With our extensive collection of planters, embellishing your interior and exterior spaces has never been so easier. These decorative planters add a soothing vibe to your tabletops, kitchen counters, office desks, party tables, and weddings.

If your décor lacks peace and tranquillity, our Rectangle Preserved Moss Planter Box adds a serene, natural green hint with freshness to your space. It will add timeless sophistication and charm to any place or party. Use our Natural Twig Bird Nest with natural brown twigs and preserved moss with a woodsy rustic look to give a forest feel to your home, to liven up your Easter décor, woodland weddings, or country-themed events. 

Satiate your love for nature by adding Wooden Planters with Metal Stand to showcase fresh seasonal plants, shrubs, and flowers to accentuate your living room, bedroom, kitchen, patio, or backyard. Our rustic wooden planters can be used as a vintage decorative piece at a rustic wedding; filled with flowers, succulents, or bouquets with sweet personalized notes or quotes on the side. 

If you’re planning to set up a trendy dinner table at your patio or backyard for an intimate family gathering, a shower, or a party; opt for our modern planters such as Modern Geometric Flower Vases, Modern Concrete Flower Pot and Terracotta Flower Pots to impart the ravishing appeal of fantasy land.

Our planter boxes and indoor plant pots are perfect to create whimsical floral arrangements, interior and exterior home décor, hanging décor, table décor, and fall décor. Drop by our collection of these environment-friendly pots and planters to pick your favorites and add a classy, decorative accent to any space or celebration.




1. How to add height to planters ?

Ans: Greenery are one of the best decoration accessories in any home because they add some refreshing and good vibes to interior spaces. Maybe you've already found the ideal spot or corner for your planter vase, but no matter how you position them, they lack height, making for a poor visual focal point.

If that's the case, consider the following simple tips to instantly add height to your planting pots and planters.

  • Pots don’t necessarily have to be placed on the ground. In fact, suspending hanging planter baskets from the ceiling or doorways enhances the serenity and beauty of your plants and blooms.
  • Another option to try is to use urn planters that are already tall in nature or elevate your small ceramic planters by placing them on modern planters such as our Modern Gold Metal Planter Stand
  • Use regular round pot feet or the decorative ones for front door planters or tall pots for plants that only need a bit of elevation to keep them off the ground. 
  • Showcase your medium-sized wooden garden planters along with your other favorite plant containers on top of rustic planters with metal stand such as this Ladder Shelf Metal Frame Rustic Wooden Leaning Bookshelf Rack

2. How to use indoor planters without holes ?

Ans: Some flower planter pots come with drainage holes, while others do not. It's a small difference, but that little hole in the bottom of pots and planters actually makes a big difference when it comes to potting, plant care, and maintenance. However, just because some planters for indoor plants don't have drainage holes doesn't mean you can't use them besides the traditional way. You can, for example, utilize your indoor planter as a storage container to keep things organized.

Some people choose to go with the DIY approach and drill a drainage hole in their planter. This is possible, but keep in mind that you risk completely shattering the pot. Another quick and easy way to solve this no drainage issue is to stage the plants properly. The term "staging" simply indicates that the plant is kept in a plastic nursery container rather than directly in the planter.

The last alternative to separate the soil from the plant and the excess water is to put stones or gravel in the bottom of the pot for plants. However, this doesn't help with drainage in the literal sense, because as your plant grows, its roots may extend into the lower area and be exposed to standing water. Just avoid overwatering your plants because any excess water won't drain completely.

3. Where to buy pots and planters ?

Ans: There is nothing better than decorative plant pots to give your indoor flowers and outdoor plants the beautiful and functional home they deserve. Having the right plant pot decorations for your vibrant flowers and greenery can go a long way in making your drab-looking living spaces look extra special.

Are you thinking of renovating your outdoor garden? What better way to enhance the look of your backyard than to change the look of the space by incorporating stunning sets of plant vase and planting flower pots? Consider some of our eye-catching affordable decorative flower pots, such as round metal hanging wall planters, indoor plant pots on stands, and geometric cement pot planters, all of which are well worth buying.

Adding a natural and refreshing flair to your sidewalk, garden, and porch has never been easier with our decor planters. These spectacular planters for sale at unbeatable prices can be used to display succulents, plants, and other floral arrangements in the most creative way imaginable.

4. Where to buy planter boxes ?

Ans: Similar to how you dress up your party dining tables with a beautiful centerpiece, wood planters also add an attractive finishing touch to any home garden. Whether you display these rustic flower planters near entryways or under windows, they'll add a refreshing ambiance and bring visitors closer to nature.

If you're looking for the ideal planter box for your wonderful greens, TableclothsFactory's selection of premium-quality rustic window box planters is a good place to start. If you want a planter for bedding plants and herbs that has plastic liners to easily contain dirt, sand, or vase filler, choose square wooden planters or rectangular planter boxes.

On the other hand, for a whimsical whitewashed wood finish, opt for a vintage-style crate planter that you can use to house faux plants and use in your wedding decor as an exceptional table centerpiece or to collect personalized notes from your beloved guests.

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