Planters & Pedestal


Planters & Pedestal


To give an artistic touch, pair planters and pedestals to design elegant exterior spaces. Pedestal stands add height to the planter boxes and transform an average looking yard or venue to a sophisticated one. Our wide collection of lush and appealing planters and pedestal offer an elegant and ornamental look to express your décor skills to create masterpieces of your own.

If you’re searching for a safe and sturdy alternative to glass, our Plexiglass Sheets are best to transform your aesthetic dreams into reality. These durable and flexible sheets can be cut, customized, and designed to be used for office tables, lobby tables, meeting tables, dining tables, kitchen tables, desks, or patio. These are apt to be used with our Wedding Columns to make ideal wedding centerpieces, cake table décor and candle display stands. Cute and classy, timeless Wooden Plant Holder and Moss Planter Boxes are perfect to steal the limelight as a standalone piece to jazz up the banquet tables in a whimsical manner.

To add an air of ethereal glamor, our Mirror Finish Acrylic Pedestal Risers is an ideal decorative accessory to add glitz and glam to your flower balls, bouquets, glass vases, chandeliers, string lights, and photographs.

Plant Pots

Modern planters and pedestal plant stand are minute but critical components of decorating a unique themed outdoor venue. Our vibrant and new range of stylish and planters and pedestal is readily available at Visit now and find something that suits your needs from our vast collection and add a dazzling display of shine and sparkle to your graduation parties, baby showers, weddings, and what not.




1. How to make a wooden plant stand ?

Ans: Blooms and greens are totally all the rage right now and opting for a wooden plant pedestal is a smart choice if you want to maximize your home space but don't want to cut down on indoor greenery and floral display. However, building a tall pedestal stand can be a bit tricky and not to mention time-consuming. To avoid costly mistakes and save time in the planning and assembly process, why not just take a look at the pedestal plant stands available at

Whether you use our wooden plant holder indoors, outdoors, or in a sunroom, we guarantee that you will love the stylish look and the comfort our wooden stand provides by having different heights to display and care for your favorite greenery. Plus, you can enjoy all facets of your potted plants, flowers, and herbs all placed on different levels at the same time, so the possibilities are endless for using our wooden tiered plant stand to decorate your home space.

2. Do planters need holes ?

Ans: Whether you have your indoor plant pot on pedestal or outside your porch and garden, proper drainage is an essential factor to consider especially if you are caring for natural plants and lush greenery. These drainage holes allow good airflow and are very crucial to the health of your flowers and greenery.

But of course, for indoor pots, you'll want a clean, leak-free aesthetic and protect floors and surfaces from damage, especially with larger plants and trees whose pots are difficult to move. The solution to these pots is to provide a broad drainage layer by placing rocks or gravel at the bottom of the pot so that excess water can drain out of the root system, ensuring they maintain access to air.

If you're still looking for the perfect floral planter to upgrade your indoor greenery, keep in mind that TableclothsFactory's wide variety of all modern planters come with or without drainage holes so you can choose the perfect pot box to house your favorite plant collection. Regardless of the aesthetic you fancy, you can achieve that look with our planters and pedestals.

3. How to make moss planters ?

Ans: Moss has a wide range of applications, from landscaping to interior design. In addition to looking great between cobblestone joints in outdoor walkways, moss also gives a nice aged and treasured look to planter pots. 

By now, you've searched the internet for tips and ideas on how to make DIY moss covered pots. Before you start foraging outdoors to harvest live moss or toss moss into a blender to create a mossy milkshake concoction to apply on your pots, why not check out Tableclothsfactory’s selection of preserved moss flower pots?

Our earthy organic preserved moss pots are the ideal home for your beloved plant and flower centerpieces and a great way to organize arrangements both indoors and outdoors. They are made from natural moss that is chemically preserved to last several seasons. Other than that, our moss on plan pots come in various shapes and sizes so you can creatively present gift flowers or create succulent table accents to display in your home.

4. Where to buy inexpensive plant pots ?

Ans: Looking for the right garden pots and planters to add vitality indoors or expand your outdoor planter decor? To save you some time from looking at the wrong containers, let your plants flourish in cool plant pots available at TableclothsFactory.

Our plastic porch pots are lightweight which will make moving them around easy and they will look at home in just about any space, from your kitchen to the living room. Refresh the corners of your home or outdoors by creating multiple plants and pot displays with our pedestal plant stand outdoor. Add pops of green to your tabletop with small indoor plants like succulents in our moss plant pot sets that come in various styles. 

Whether you want to add a natural accent to your living area or update your front porch, garden, or backyard, choose from our wide range of mini plant pots, tall pedestal planters, natural vase planters, and wood pot boxes. Elevate them or put them on the floor, these cool flower pots will instantly add modern appeal and texture to your interiors and turn your houseplants into a gorgeous statement. 

5. Where to buy inexpensive planters ?

Ans: Searching for the perfect way to implement aesthetically appealing arrangements to highlight various succulents or plants you’ve just brought home? Get a selection of ideas that are not only practical, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing by showcasing your much-loved greeneries in flat planters and modern tabletop planters from TableclothsFactory.

Flaunt your green thumb with our natural vase planters or keep it chic and simple with our whitewash planter boxes. If you love the look of succulents in natural twig pots then our rattan planter decor is the perfect container to hold a larger specimen or a small group of cacti throughout your home. Take a look at our awesome planters for sale now and select the one that perfectly matches your personal style.

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