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A Must-have Array Of Votive Candles Bulk & Candle Holders!

Votive Candles Bulk

Nothing can create a relaxed atmosphere and add a romantic ethos better than candles. Whether you need votive candles or just want to purchase holders for these luminosities, we strongly recommend you shop from our candle & holder collection.

Dreaming about flared votive candle holders made of clear glass? You’ll never go wrong with our hurricane long-stem glass candle holders – for a truly captivating display, fill these with our loose acrylic beads and adorn with blooms or fill with water to float your tea light candles. 

Love stained glass? Whichever holders you need – amber votive cups, turquoise candle holders, or green glass votive holders – we’ll cater to your needs with our votive candle holders. If you happen to be on the lookout of metallic flower & votive candle holders, choose between our 12'' tall floral stand pillar candle holder, flared top gold metal flower ball stand candle holder, sleek metallic gold reversible votive candle holder floral vase, and metallic silver or metallic gold votive candle holders, which are perfect both for your votives and flower balls. 

Candle Holders
Candle Containers

In case you are getting prepared for St. Valentine’s Day and need heart-shaped glass votive candle holders or heart-shaped tea light candles, we are ready to help you with our red heart-shaped tea light candles.

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that candles are more than just a means to survive a blackout. Whenever you are in need of frosted votive candle holders, wedding amber votive holders, or a pack of wholesale votives, we are always glad to give you a hand with multiple options to choose from. To see our entire selection and check out these extremely low prices, please don’t hesitate to visit our collection!



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy votive candles ?

Ans: Soft candlelight is the perfect way to light up your home or event and TableclothsFactory has dozens of wholesale votive candles and holders available to create the perfect atmosphere and set a romantic ambiance. We've made it easier for you to match your theme or color scheme so that you can create beautiful and unique home decorations and centerpieces. Light up your special day with our beautiful and affordable votive candles bulk. You won't find a better selection at wholesale prices, or a more convenient delivery anywhere.

2. How long do votive candles burn ?

Ans: On average, our votive candles burn most of their wax within 3 to 4 hours. For our dripless candle variety, they have a longer burning time, which is 5-8 Hours.

3. Do votive candles need a holder ?

Ans: Votive candles have a lower melting point and are designed to be placed in candle holders where the wax can completely liquefy on the surface of the holder and get completely consumed by a lit wick. Because votives melt directly onto the surface of the holder, you want the inside of your container to be tapered or bowl-shaped so that the liquified wax can build up towards the center and spread over the wick for it to burn. 

A votive stand with flat sides or corners on the inside will not do this. The liquid wax won't move into the wick, and when the wick is completely consumed, you'll have a ton of unused wax to clean.

4. How to decorate votive candle holders ?

Ans: Add a touch of glamour and grace to homes or any grand event with a votive candle stand. Heighten your guest's visual interest by jazzing up your votive holders with some glass stones to give it an added sparkle. Create an enchanting and elegant atmosphere by painting your glass votives with an innovative design to conceive an exceptional accent piece. 

Or, another wonderful way to set the mood for your home or event is by embellishing your candle containers with craft glitter. You can also decorate these simple candle jars with string pearls, beads, or twine.


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