Wooden Candle Holder


Liven Up Your Home Décor With A Wooden Candle Holder!

Wooden Candle Holder

Often used in furniture, decoration, and many other design purposes because of its warm, rustic element, our line of Wooden Candle Holders will surely bring an appealing visage to your home interiors and partyscape. These eco-friendly and vintage style candle holders are a remarkable accessory for any room when used and placed on a shelf, mantelpiece, or tabletop. 

Because they come in an assortment of designs, we are sure that you'll discover the perfect candle holder from our wondrous collection of wood candle holders unfinished to lavish and incorporate into your home.

Our wooden lanterns bulk are going to steal your guests’ admiration with their capricious woodsy charm and artistic contemporary construction. These wooden lanterns wedding centerpieces which are masterfully handcrafted from all-natural driftwood, birchwood, and beach wood log sticks, and artistically fashioned into refreshing chic designs also double as a charming accent piece and hanging decoration.

Combining its woodsy rustic charm and modern creative design, this all-natural white birch candle holder will add a whimsical warmth and earthy elegance to any space and décor. Handcrafted by the master artisans, these charming and warming wooden votive candle holders are perfect to bring cozy calmness to your living room, coffee table, fireplace, kitchen counters, mantel, window sills, and other corners of your home and office space.

Wooden Lanterns Bulk
Farmhouse Candle Holders

Fashion sentimental outlines of romantic bonfires by lighting taper candle sticks in the glass tubes of our Cylinder Glass Hydroponic Vase that are nestled in its wooden frames. The natural wood texture, along with the unique artistic shape of this cylindrical glass hydroponic vase, makes them the perfect decorative accent to adorn Woodland themed and farmhouse-style events. 

Lighted candles elicit feelings of comfort and tenderness. Add TableclothsFactory's wooden votive candle holders to the mix to give your space a touch of natural yet classic flair. Its durable wooden material and richly distressed finish also add to its vintage, classic look providing versatility so you can arrange them in groups or separately. Place some of them on your dining room table for a fantastic centerpiece for these candle holders are sure to bring a pleasant touch to your decor and give your home a look that suits your unique style.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy wooden candle holders ?

Ans: Whether you prefer real or flameless candles, we have a great selection of wooden candle holders, including candles lanterns centerpiece, tealight holders, and more. Looking for a driftwood candle holder that doubles as a vase, or rustic holders with plastic lining for a chic farmhouse mantelpiece? No matter what your aesthetic, we have wooden holder options to complement any home. 

2. How to make driftwood centerpieces ?

Ans: The easiest way to add natural beauty and light to your home is to choose and purchase a driftwood centerpiece from our fantastic Wooden Candle Holder sets. They can be a beautiful statement piece for patios and decks, while our wood tealight holder is a perfect centerpiece for a dining or coffee table.

3. Where to buy rustic candle holders ?

Ans: From its statement-making style to its naturally chic appearance, TableclothsFactory has a stunning array of rustic candle holders at compelling prices. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a specific design, or are just looking for an elegant bargain, we have an array of rustic wood candle holders that suit your particular taste. 

Capture the brilliance of nature with our rustic candles and rustic candle holders. Whether you like natural birch or driftwood, our selection has something for everyone. Shop from our unique selection of farmhouse candle holders and let us assist you with your event or home decorating needs.

4. How to decorate using farmhouse candle holders ?

Ans: Do you want to change the atmosphere of your home or give a little illumination to a room without making big changes? How about using farmhouse candle holders? 

They are amazingly versatile and can be arranged in many beautiful ways. You can start by grouping three wood pillar candle holders together. Make sure each one has a different height from the rest. 

If you see two individual wooden candlestick holders, don't be afraid to set them up. Pair them, placing one at each end of the mantel or shelf to create a pleasant and balanced atmosphere. For a less expected display, place a wooden candle stand of varying heights on one side only.

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