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36" Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Centerpiece For Wedding Party Event - Free Stand + Poles

36" Tall Clear Acrylic Hanging Diamond Chandelier Centerpiece For Wedding Party Event + Free Stand

Item Number:CHDLR_003A

  • $54.99

Flying Colors stand for victory and excellence. When you hang chandeliers (especially multiple ones), you are telling the world to come celebrate your abundance with you. And of course, with this abundance comes great food, great entertainment and great bonds. So whether it is a wedding, a grand birthday celebration or marking a milestone celebration, by hanging Flying Color Chandeliers, you are simply attracting more wealth, more color and great people into your life.

Hang and place a light bulb or specialty bulbs such as LED to add to that magical effect that these chandeliers were made to exude. This is your proudest moment so definitely you deserve lots of diamonds and the most unique spotlights. Definitely this night will not be forgotten and you will be known for once again raising the bar.

  • Ring Diameter: Outermost ring is Approx. 10" diameter. Middle Ring is Approx. 7.5" diameter. Innermost ring is 6" Diameter
  • Chandelier drop: Approx. 36" long at the longest point
  • Material: Acrylic diamond
  • 1 qty = 1 chandelier+ 1 stand (2 poles) + 4 Free Extension poles

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