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Metal Candle Holders

Want to spruce up your simple candles and typical candle holders for upgrading your interior décor? Our metal candle holders are not just a great fit for any type of candle but also the perfect choice for giving a sleek visual effect to your living space. With our exquisite collection of metal candlestick holders, you will surely find the candle holder that will satisfy your needs!

If you want to take your interior decoration to a whole new level, opt for our silver metal candle holders to add an elegant charm to your space. Planning to have a glam makeover of your living space? Both our geometric candle holders and bird cage candle holders are just what you need for a unique modern style living interior décor. Whereas our hanging tealight candle holders offer a chic modern look on your wall décor. If you’re leaning towards showcasing royalty, our crystal chandelier stands are the perfect choice for you. However, if you want to achieve a classic theme, opt for our black metal candle holders to add sophistication to your interior design.

Candlestick Holder
Candle Stand

At tableclothsfactory, our main focus is to provide affordable but refined and top-quality metal candle stands that you deserve without compromising your beautiful room décor. Check out our online store and browse through our stunning selection of metal candle holders for a marvelous upgrade of your interior décor!




1. How to make metal candle holders ?

Ans: Now it's easier to add an eye-catching and invigorating atmosphere to your home space with metal candle holders centerpieces. These visually striking metal candle stands not only provide a rich and cozy ambiance but also amplifies the effect.

If you want to convey a glamorous look and feel to your dining room table, incorporate gold-toned metal candelabras into your table setting. For example, candelabra candle holders with a sleek metallic finish look stunning when paired with tapered candles.

If you prefer to add height to your centerpiece, choose a metal and glass candle holder as a home for your beautiful candles. The combination of the metal and glass material of metal candle lanterns reflects the glow of the candles, while metal hurricane candle holders with glass tubes provide a charming and sophisticated appeal.

2. How to clean wax off metal candle holders ?

Ans: If you have had enough seeing those unwanted wax buildups on the bottom of what used to be a gleaming candle stand, perhaps now is the time for you to learn how to restore them to their original state. It is easy to remove hardened and melted wax from metal candle cups but the technique can be different depending on the material from which the candlestick holder is made.

The freezing method is safe and works well for metal candle cup holders due to its durable and sturdy characteristics. You can put your metal candlestick in the freezer until the wax becomes brittle and hardens. Use a rubber scraper to remove the wax and avoid scratching the surface.

On the other hand, if the wax is on an uneven surface, fill the sink or a deep pot with hot water. Soak the wax-covered tall metal candle holders into the water until the wax softens. Now you can easily scrape off the softened wax with a rubber scraper and buff the surface with a dry, lint-free cloth.

3. Where to buy candle lanterns ?

Ans: No matter the size of the room you want to decorate or your budget, you will find the perfect candle lantern decor to incorporate into your home décor scheme at TableclothsFactory. Be it a traditional, modern, or country-inspired home interior, our wide selection of metal lantern candle holders is guaranteed to suit your style.

Place the candle of your choice inside these lantern home decor to give your space a warm, elegant glow. Let our table lanterns sit on countertops or a side table, use a lantern candle holder as a centerpiece for special dinners, or light up your front walkway and outdoor space with the flickering luminescence of our large metal candle holders. There is no other decorative lighting more perfect to augment the appeal of your indoor and outdoor areas than these masterfully crafted metal lantern decors.

4. Where to buy candlestick holders ?

Ans: Finding the style that suits your home's aesthetic is easy with TableclothsFactory's fabulous selection of metal candlestick holders, floor lanterns decor, metal candle tray, and metal votive candle holders in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Give your home a bright atmosphere and set the mood with a gold geometric candle holder. Bundle multiple candle holders and outdoor metal lanterns to keep the outdoors well lit, or dine lavishly with our select modern candle stands. Brighten up tabletops, counters, and wall shelves with a decadent display of delicate metal tea light holders and metal hanging candle holders

Whether you are renovating the living room, dining room, or bedroom, shop our amazing collection of metal candlestick holders now and find your style so you can start enjoying the serene glow of your favorite votives and tapers in every inch and corner of your home.

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