Candelabra and Holder


Candelabra and Holder

Evocative and soothing, glimmering candles are no doubt the perfect addition to any event or home decor but when coupled with an exquisite candelabra or candle holder their beauty augments tenfold. Available in a wide array of colors, designs, styles, heights, and sizes, our stunning collection of candelabra and candle holders will not only be the perfect base for your candles but will also elevate your decorations up by several notches!

Are you looking for something highly decorative to invoke grandeur and extravagance into your event design? Look no further than our ornate dual use gold pearl beaded candelabra which can be used as a table centerpiece and also as a floor candelabrum adding majestic dimension to your event design. However, if you want to elegantly brighten up your tables, opt for our 5 arm silver metal candelabra centerpiece with glass tubes to ooze a mesmeric glow and radiance onto your tablescape. Planning a rustic themed decor? Reinforce your rustic theme with our wooden candle holders or house your candles inside our gold metal lantern that’ll definitely bring in a bucolic appeal. In case you feel that your tabletop decor lacks that gorgeous oomph factor, randomly place a few crystal beaded silver votive candle holders on your table to add that extra pizzazz and sparkle. No matter which theme you’re going for or which candelabra or candle holder you choose; don’t forget to pair it with our decorative candles or LED flameless candles for an alluring decor.

We at Tableclothsfactory understand that special occasions call for extraordinary decorations to make them even more memorable. Fortunately, we offer an exquisite range of cheap candelabra and candle holders to help you add that opulent allure to your affair without dropping a big chunk of change. Browse through our collection and be the judge yourself!

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