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Candle Decoration


Posh Candle Decorations To Illuminate Your Home And Events!

Candle Decoration

It’s no secret that nothing can create a welcoming and romantic atmosphere better than Candle Decorations. With so many types of beautiful candles, it can be pretty difficult to make a choice. But worry not – if you are still at a loss, welcome to our collection of candle decorations.

For a classic display, decorate your tablescape with our premium dripless taper candles, which will look perfect in our stylish holders. Getting prepared for your wedding celebration and need rose-shaped floating candles? You should look no further than our mini rose flower floating candles – use them in conjunction with our clear bowls and acrylic pearls.

Love votive candles? You can considerably save your money if you purchase our white votive candles with votive holders. In case you are looking for unscented tealight candles for your St. Valentine’s romantic setup, we can recommend to you our red heart-shaped tea light candles

Candle arrangements help brighten up any space by adding more light and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unscented candles are best for illuminating the dining room table so the aroma of your food can take center stage.

Beautiful Candles
Candle Arrangements

Floating candles are the perfect candle displays for dinners, parties, and cocktails. Versatile for both informal and formal spaces, unscented pillar candles have a long burn time for various applications. Choose tea lights, tapers, and votives alone or in groups to add dimension and interest.

At TableclothsFactory, we realize that candles play a significant role in any setup. Whether you are on the lookout for wedding candles, classic tapers, or whimsical silver heart floating candles, we are always ready to help you out with multiple decent options. To see what else we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to visit our collection of Candle Decoration right away

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy floating candles ?

Ans: If you want to create a beautiful candle decoration with brightly glowing floating candles that are also perfect for wedding reception centerpieces or table decorations at a dance, let the floating candle centerpieces from TableclothsFactory satisfy your longing for that elegant warm glow. Incorporate our floating water candles into your party decorations for a beautiful accent that easily coordinates with any party theme.

Nothing will beat the soft glow and mesmerizing effect of our candlelight as it dances on the water. Our dazzling floating flower candles are also perfect for decorating homes, boutique salons, or spas. You can also purchase them alongside our fish bowls and square & cylinder glass vases for a variety of floating container options.

2. Where to buy candles near me ?

Ans: Life is stressful and treatment can be expensive, but candle table decors from TableclothsFactory.com will always be there for you until they burn out and it's time to restock again. If you're in the market for some home decor candles to add to your desk or bedside table, we have a great selection of Candle Decorations so you won't have to waste any time or money searching for a winner.

Whether you're into floating candles to put on floating bowls along with rose petals, or decorative taper candles to give a dramatic touch to your table setting, TableclothsFactory has something for every mood. Shop from us now for the best decorative candle sets for your sensory pleasure so when your waxy bundle of delight arrives, you can take your favorite woolen blanket and a bottle of wine and light one up for your brain cells to unwind and savor.

3. How to decorate a candle ?

Ans: Looking for inspiration to add some fun and personality to your holiday decor or centerpieces? By decorating your own candle, you can skip trying to find the perfect fit and create your own. There are several ways to embellish, enhance, and personalize a simple candle that will add personality to any type of decorating in your home. Jewels, beads, lace, and fabrics are just some of the materials you can use to reinvent a classic candle into a chic element.

Transfer some of your favorite memories with photos or drawings to update or recreate a simple pillar candle; they also make thoughtful, sentimental gifts. You can also try a special candle-painting medium mixes with craft paints to personalize your candles and use them as decorative accents. Rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth so that it will be easier for your paint to adhere to the wax.

You can also wrap the entire candle with a decal, or put smaller ones around the candle. Surround large pillar candles with painted (or plain) sticks and burlap ribbon to create cozy, homely displays. Coordinating plain wedding candle decors with your décor is as easy as applying pretty washi tapes in varying patterns.

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