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Needless to say that lighting is the most crucial element when decorating any event as it makes an enormous difference. Whether you are looking to ignite the romantic vibe or you just want to spark it up a bit, you can always rely on our vast collection of LED lights, candles, and candle holders to emanate that radiant and scintillating charm.

Whichever theme you are going for, candles are timeless decorative accessories that perfectly harmonize with all the other accents imparting a subtle glow with a dash of classic elegance. Our decorative Gold Dripless Pillar Candles with longer burn time will ooze warmth and festive luminescence all night long.

These lustrous candles will surely jazz up your tabletop décor exuding a regal appeal. In case you are looking for eccentric lighting effects, adorn your space with our festoon Battery Operated Fairy LED lights to exude a twinkling and charming allure.

Candle Holder Set

Are you searching for something ostentatious to bedeck your luxurious wedding? Look no further than our ornate White Pearl Beaded Gold Votive Candle Holder Set or Gold Pearl Beaded Metal Floor Candelabra for an extravagant and posh decor. Our extensive collection of candle holders is perfect to hold candles, LED lights, and other embellishments giving a truly refined and distinctive touch to your decorations.

The unmatchable variety of designs, styles, and colors of candelabras, candle holders, lights, and votive, tea light and pillar candles offered at tableclothsfactory will compel you to add one if not more to your shopping cart. Please visit our collection and see for yourself!





1. What are the best candles for home ?

Ans: Candles may seem small in appearance, but you will be surprised at how they can make amazing impressions in your interior decoration. Lighting a few candles can turn even the most basic food into something worth savoring. But not all candles are the same. Choosing the best candles for home will largely depend on the purpose of your candles and where you plan to place them.

If you are tired of always scraping wax drippings off your tablecloth when using traditional candles, then you must try dripless candles as it leaves no wax drips at all when used. Also, these non drip candles have a longer burning time compared to regular candles. Versatile and unscented, these clean-burning candles are guaranteed to add simple elegance to any space.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid accidental fires and burns, especially when you have young children and pets roaming around the house, choose flameless LED candles. Use these charming most realistic flameless candles to liven up dark nightstands, create a romantic ambiance in outdoor dining spaces, or place them along the stairs for increased visibility.

2. What else can you put in a candle holder ?

Ans: In addition to holding candles, your candle holders can provide you with many functions, whether it be to highlight your centerpieces or help you organize items in your home. Take a look at these cool tips on what other things you can put on candle holder sets.

  • Mercury candle holders make a great holder for your makeup brushes, eyeliners, and lip pencils.
  • Use crystal votive candle holders to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other bathroom essentials like cotton balls and cotton swabs. 
  • Large wooden candle holders make great aesthetic pencil and pen holders. Place it on your rustic-themed desk and fill it with your favorite writing utensils.
  • Leave an empty crackle glass candle holder by the front hallway or on your vanity to drop your loose change so they don’t tend to end up everywhere.
  • For easy access that is visually appealing, store your tea or coffee in a teardrop clear glass candle holder and leave it on your kitchen counter.
  • Create a nice accent piece that will look great on a window sill or tabletop, use a prism glass candle holder as a planter for a small cactus or succulent. 

3. Where to buy candles online ?

Ans: You're definitely in the best place to buy candles online if you're up for a little fun and looking for something great to dress up your dining room table, line up in your fireplace mantel, or even just put a bunch on a tray in your living room. TableclothsFactory’s colorful, eye-catching, and totally fun collection of home decor candles will not disappoint.

Quickly brighten up gloomy areas and let the lustrous radiance of the best LED candles and best dripless candles in the market shine throughout your home space. Plus, our decorative candle sets are dazzling enough to make a statement, yet versatile enough to be placed anywhere.

Show off unscented votive candles on their own, and it's sure to have a statement-making accent. Or better yet, buy flameless candles with flickering flame and you are in for a truly fascinating display. Our discount candles online come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, ensuring your table decor will never be the same again.

4. Where to buy candle holders ?

Ans: Whether you're gearing up for the upcoming holiday season or just want to enhance the look and feel of your space, home interior candle holders are a versatile way to add character to your residence. Also, when decorating with these amazing candle containers, it's crucial to choose the right one to support and act as a base for your home candles.

For timeless charm that will help elevate the dining room atmosphere, place rustic candle holders like a 7-arm candelabra in the center of the dining room table. Meanwhile, large hurricane candle holders contrast boldly with the candles themselves. If there's a specific type of candle that you like, such as bulky pillars, slim tapered candles, or small tealights, be sure to opt for our tall pillar candle holders. If you want to light multiple candles at once, our candle holder plates will provide you with a safe surface area to do so. 

Place our luxury candle holders on a side table, wall shelf, or window sill to cast a warm glow throughout the room. Also, our gorgeous and unique candle holders can double as a magnificent accent piece even when there are no lighted candles inside.

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