Cylinder & Square Vases


Cylinder & Square Vases

Whenever you are going to finish off your seasonal table with a statement piece, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of cylinder & square glass vases. Handblown from heavy-duty glass, they will not just take your lackluster table from drab to fab but will also endure extensive use. 

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our Cylinder & Square Vases will suit any table and theme. For example, if you are looking for cylinder candle holder to display your floating luminaries, we are at your service with our heavy-duty cylinder glass vase, which comes from 10 to 20 inches tall – mix and match different sizes and feel free to fill them with pearls, petals, flower heads, long stems, branches, fall leaves, or whatever whets your artistic appetite. Need a couple of square cylinder vases? Not a problem – we can help you with our heavy duty square cylinder glass vase – ranging from 10 to 24 inches tall, this glass container is perfect for your floating or taper candles, jelly beads, acrylic ice, decorative sand, vines, seashells, and succulents. Whichever glass cylinders are to your heart's consent, it is highly recommended to finish them off with our gemcut premium glass crystal pillar vase candle holder with 11 crystal chains, which you can use as it is or augment its charming appeal by adding LEDs from our online store. 

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that you strive to make your statement piece eye-catching. With our Cylinder & Square Vases, you don’t have to go the extra mile to surprise everyone. To check out the whole collection, please visit us right away!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy cylinder vases in bulk ?

Ans: Because of their classic, simple, and easy-to-work-with shape, glass cylinder vases have been a popular choice for just about everything and it's nearly impossible to go wrong with them. Get your glass cylinder vases bulk here at TableclothsFactory for an incredibly affordable price. Cylinder vases centerpieces are just one of the amazing items you will find in our shop. Let our great selection of cylinder vases bulk and their matching accents inspire you to create the event of your dreams for less.

2. Where to get cheap glass vases ?

Ans: You can relax as you browse on TableclothsFactory's extensive collection of affordable glass vases because you are sure to find great deals on anything that catches your eye. Looking for inexpensive glass vases that are easy to adapt and reliable? No need to go beyond what is tried and true. Our glass cylinder vases are the most dependable and versatile wholesale decorative glass vases for centerpiece decoration and they come in various styles too so you can choose the perfect look that will suit your event decorating needs.

3. How to arrange flowers in a cylinder vase ?

Ans: Floral arrangements are the perfect way to invigorate your space and add a dash of color to rooms. Learning how to arrange flowers is a pleasant way to add character and aesthetic vision to your home. You have the most freedom when you arrange flowers in a cylinder vase because they normally have a wide opening and can accommodate many flower varieties. Try to pick a colorful main and secondary flower and then fill the rest of the vase with textured neutral colors. With so many flowers, it is crucial to crisscross the stems or even tie them with twine so that they stay in one place.

4. How to arrange flowers in small square vases ?

Ans: To get started, make a big statement by choosing eye-catching, vibrant flowers. Use an odd number of flowers for visual appeal. Also, try using different colors of the same flower for variety. Choose contrasting colors and a variety of textures to create a more dynamic look. It is not necessary to fill the base of a small square vase with greenery because there won't be much extra space that needs to be filled.

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