Geometric Candle Holders


Geometric Candle Holders

Looking to make a bold statement on your tablescape for an upcoming party or dinner? We present our gorgeous collection of magnificent candle holders to house your candles in and to add a romantic flair to your space. Bedeck your tables and walls with our eye-catching geometric candle holders that are crafted intricately using thick glass and sturdy metal to spruce up any setting.

Our collection of geometrical candleholders features an ensemble of various whimsical geometrical shapes that will complement almost every wedding centerpiece, home, and office décor. If you’re looking for delicate and clear candle holders to adorn your tablescape, opt for our glass geometrical candleholders. The contemporary design can showcase more than just candles; use our glass geometrical candleholders as mini terrarium planters, wedding table centerpieces, and much more. Planning a Scandinavian décor for a sophisticated dinner? We strongly recommend our metal geometrical candleholders featuring fine wired metal construction and glistening metallic luster. These gorgeous pieces of artistic nature are designed keeping clean lines and minimalist approach in mind; hence making the perfect accessory for a Nordic-style décor to enhance the elegance of your home, office, or party’s space. Furthermore, our hanging geometrical candleholders are the perfect alternative to ceramic hanging pots, or wood hanging pots. No matter which style you opt for from our geometrical candle holders, enhance their look with our votive and tea light candles, silk flowers, artificial succulents, faux vines, or modern terrariums.

Since minimalism, functionality, and clean lines are the heart and soul of Scandinavian décor, Tableclothsfactory offers geometrical candle holders that are multi-purpose, multi-use, and modern pieces made for special event decoration, or everyday living. Please visit our collection to judge for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to decorate candle holders ?

Ans: In need of inspiration to add some fun and personality to your holiday decor or centerpieces? Decorate your glass geometric candle holders and cease trying to find the perfect fit. There are many ways to adorn, enhance, and personalize a simple holder that will bring more character to any type of furnishing in your home. Jewels, beads, lace, and fabrics are just some of the amazing materials you can use to reinvent a typical candle holder into a chic element. You can also try painting your holder with craft paint to personalize them. Wrap a votive candle light holder with a fancy decal, or attach smaller designs around it. Surround large pillar candle holders with painted (or plain) sticks and burlap ribbon to create cozy, homely spreads. Coordinating plain dining table geometric glass candle holders with your décor is as easy as using delightful paper masking tape in varying patterns.

2. Where to buy candle holders near me ?

Ans: Whether you prefer real or flameless candles, we have a great selection of geometric candle holders bulk, including pillar candle holders, votive candle holders, and more. At, you can buy candle holders of any kind. If you’re looking for pillar holders, taper candle holders, or tea light candle holders, you are sure to find them on our site. You can also use our color and material filter options. Looking for a sophisticated gold, glass, or crystal holder for a modern dining room setting? Or want a metal or wooden candle holder for a rustic living room ambiance? No matter the style, we have candle table décor options to complement any home or party space. Have a specific height in mind? Use our sizing filter to shop by lengths in inches, from short to tall decorative candle holder and all sizes in between.

3. Where to buy gold geometric candle holder ?

Ans: Stylish candle holders are an innovative way to add modern detail to your wedding or party décor. Make a bold statement with the eye-catching gold geometric holders from TableclothsFactory. Our contemporary candle holders are carefully handcrafted and made using thick glass and sturdy metal. The whimsical design features an ensemble of geometric shapes, and the sleek metallic and glass finish reflects candlelight beautifully. Safely holds tea light candles, votive candles, ball candles, and LED candles. The trendy design is sure to look great with almost all wedding centerpiece, home decor, and office decor. Showcase more than just candles; use our gold candle holders as mini terrarium planters, wedding centerpieces, party souvenirs, giveaways, as a present, and much more!

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