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It goes without saying that no celebration is complete without blossoms. With that being said, you’ll never get the most of your flowers without elegant wholesale vase centerpieces. We understand that there are no limitations to your creativity. To this end, we’ve assembled a huge line of modern wooden planter box and centerpiece vases to suit any theme and color palette.

Whenever you are looking to add a rustic touch into your setup, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of wooden planter boxes – made from real wood, these decorative wholesale vase centerpieces come in natural, smoked brown, and whitewash tones. Available in an extensive variety of sizes, these charms can nest as many plants as your tabletop calls for. Meanwhile, those who are orchestrating a classic theme, which calls for elegant decorative trumpet vases bulk, should take our metallic vases wholesale and glass florist vases into consideration. In these collections, you’ll find everything from geometric vasestraditional glass vases, and bowls for floating candles.

 At TableclothsFactory, we realize the importance of stylish wholesale vases in bulk when it comes to flower centerpieces. In order to provide you with decent glass vases and wooden planter boxes for different occasions and themes, we’ve got you covered with our collection of decorative centerpiece vases and wooden planter box. If you can’t wait to see the entire range for yourself, please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to fill a wooden planter box ?

Ans: Choose high-quality potting soil for your wooden flower planters; don't use garden soil. Potting soil is sterile, free of weed and disease seeds, and mixed with a material such as pumice or perlite to provide good drainage. Fill wooden flower boxes to about 1 inch below its edge. The extra 1 inch allows room for watering. If you plan to change the layout of your flower planter boxes for the seasons, you can simply put potted annuals in your wooden flower pot and cover the edges of your pots with potting soil.

2. How to decorate glass vases for centerpieces ?

Ans: You can decorate glass vases with acrylic ice beads, giving them a stylish look as a centerpiece. You can also use decorative rocks, pebblessandcandles, LEDs, succulents, rose petals, and feathers for fun and unexpected arrangements.

3. Where to buy vases for wedding centerpieces ?

Ans: You're certainly in the right place if you're looking for perfect centerpieces to enhance the charm of your dessert tables, wedding gift tables, cake tables, or guest tables. That's why TableclothsFactory offers a variety of quality options both in Wooden Planter Box and Vase Centerpieces because we believe they will not only complement your landscapes but enhance the visionary designs of your special events.

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