Unique Glass Vases


Unique Glass Vases

There is no doubt that flowers are the essence of any décor, no matter what occasion is on the agenda. However, with so many varieties of decorative glass vases, it is so difficult to make the right choice and not to end up with a low-quality, dull-looking flower pot that can spoil even the most impeccable bouquet. To help you avoid any unpleasant outcomes right before the event, we are here to tuck all your worries away with our collection of unique glass vases.

Crafted skillfully with attention to detail from high-quality glass, our wholesale glass vases will not just spruce up even the plainest bouquet but will also withstand extensive use and won’t shatter after that. Available in a plethora of shapes and designs, our decorative vases can easily be worked into any theme and event palette. Thus, if you are a downright minimalist with a passion for clean lines, our square glass florist vases and heavy duty cylinder glass florist vases are waiting for you – feel free to use them for classic bouquets or elaborate floating centerpieces. Those who have a fascination for unusual shapes should take our reversible crystal ball trumpet glass vase and clear glass conjoined test tube flower vase plant decoration into consideration. On top of that, our chrome gold ombre glass reversible latour trumpet vase will give your setups an antique look.

At tableclothsfactory, we share your fascination for flowers. However, while you may be focused on what flower type to go for, vases might be overlooked. With our collection of unique vases, your bouquets will always have a cohesive look and charming appeal, whether you go for a square or a trumpet glass vase. If you are interested, please drop by our vase collection to see for yourself!

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