What Are Kissing Balls & How To Use Them?

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A kissing ball has been a traditional hanging accent for centuries meant to receive good luck but now it has developed into a new symbol of love and affection and is widely used as a popular décor accent for holiday and wedding decor. Originally these flower balls, also known as pomander kissing balls, were spherical tufts of twine and evergreen tree branches that would be hung from the ceiling along the hallways to receive good luck and blessings. However, over time, these floral balls have transformed into an innovative, hassle-free, and lively decor essential for homes and events. If you are confused about what is the meaning of a kissing ball, and how to incorporate these beautiful spheres into your décor settings, keep reading to find out all the relevant details and ideas about these stunning flower balls.

How Many Flowers Does It Take To Make A Kissing Ball?

Earlier kissing balls were made of real tree twigs with the only purpose to bring blessings to all those who walked under the bough but now they are in fashion with the function of adding a floral flair to any type of decoration. The best thing about contemporary kissing balls is that they are either made of fine silk or decorative artificial flowers which not only replicate the freshness of real flowers but last beyond your celebrations. Even though they are readily available in a wide assortment of colors and designs, if you wish to create one of your own, 35 to 40 silk flowers would be enough to create a 4-inch floral orb that is perfect to add liveliness to any special occasion. You can create as many floral spheres as you wish by following the simple guidelines given below to offer visual delights to everyone around. 

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Where Do You Hang A Kissing Ball?

A pomander kissing ball is one of the floral arrangements that can be multi-used in various thoughtful and innovative ways. They not only make a visually appealing display when suspended from the ceiling using decorative ribbons but also works as an extravagant table centerpiece when placed over vases and riser stands. Whether you wish to perk up your overall party décor or you only need to add a few finishing details to your existing setup, keep scrolling to find numerous ways to play with the versatility of these delightful floral balls that are absolutely perfect for all occasions and seasons.    

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Home Décor

Having a bay window is the perfect opportunity to showcase your artistic skills and what is a better option than using the versatile kissing balls when decorating your space. Create a stunningly eye-catching outlook by hanging silk flower balls in different styles and sizes, or dangle similar ones for a cohesive appeal. Moreover, you can always replace your boring floral wreath above your mantel with an oversized and opulent kissing ball. Choose one that harmonizes well with your overall home décor from artificial dahlia flower kissing balls, silk rose pomander kissing balls, and silk hydrangea kissing flower balls to enhance and enrich the look of your living room.

Event Décor

Undeniably, adding a kissing ball to any event décor is surely an instant way to perk up your simple party ambiance. If your wedding décor needs an extra touch of romance, our silk rose kissing balls, in lovely hues of burgundy, gold, and dusty rose, will perfectly do the job for you when hung over your venue doors, chairs, walls, and wedding arch using burlap or satin ribbons.

Certainly, backdrops are one of the must-have birthday decorations as they not only add an extra thrill to your party but also help you capture your merry moments in a captivating frame. Rather than opting for a simple single-colored birthday backdrop, transform your empty space into a picture perfect spot by hanging pretty artificial hydrangea kissing balls in all the vibrant shades for a lively rainbow-inspired backdrop.

How Do I Make A Kissing Ball?

Kissing balls are gorgeous globes of florals and foliage. Making a kissing ball is a fun, easy, and interesting project that results in a striking décor ornament when you are done. All you need are some simple floral supplies like Styrofoam balls, silk roses or silk flower heads, a glue gun, and bamboo skewers to create exceptional and personalized flower balls which can be repurposed many times in various décor settings. Start the process by making a hole on each side of the Styrofoam core to slightly push the ribbons through, leaving a long length on either side to suspend the finished kissing ball. Now distribute the silk flowers evenly around the sphere for a super natural look using hot glue. You can always create a supersized version by adding extra flowers to the core. Mist the enchanting flower balls with your favorite fragrance and they are ready to add a fanciful floral flair to any type of decoration.

 kissing ball4

Undeniably, using a kissing ball is a great way to usher seasonal bounties and a bit of festive flair into your space. Let us know about your favorite picks from our wide range of fascinating kissing balls in the comment section below.

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