Does Your Bouquet Have To Match Your Wedding Colors?

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors Wedding Color 2021

Picking wedding colors right off the bat is one of those planning details that help set the direction to create a cohesive theme for your big day. A thoughtfully curated color palette is critical for setting the wedding scene as it pulls all the different elements together, to say the least. As a bride-to-be, you want to use the trending wedding color 2021 in your color story and incorporate it in every element to make it to the list of the hottest and trendiest wedding decorations in town. But with hues like dusty blue and cobalt being the leading wedding colors for the year, you might stop to wonder does your bouquet have to match your wedding colors since these shades are not normally found in natural flowers. Well, the key is to diversify your wedding color palette and find a common thread that’ll stitch everything together. Here are a few guidelines on how to complement the colors of your bridal bouquet with your wedding colors!

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Do Weddings Need A Theme?

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors Wedding Color 2021 Wedding Decoration Checklist

Weddings are all about entering into a brand new phase of your life in the most beautiful and heartfelt way that you’ll treasure all your life. They are the occasions that symbolize pure joy, gaiety and fun and are best way to celebrate this new beginning with love and partnership for a perfect together forever. Wedding is the time to have a blast and take the heartwarming intimacy to the next level. When it comes to planning a wedding ceremony, a lot goes into making your celebration a magnificent one by tracking all the important details associated with your special day arrangements. The beauty of wedding planning is that you have a thousand ways to create a whimsical event with just the right wedding color 2021 theme. The perfect color theme will surely set the mood for your big day by adding colorful details to your decorations and by guiding several other preparations like invites, favors and dresses. From pastel color palettes to bright hues, we’ve collected the most popular and trendiest wedding color 2021 themes to inspire couples who are all set to plan for their big day this year and are wondering, “Do weddings need a theme?” Read on to select the theme of your dreams and get one step closer to your special occasion.

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Is Burgundy A Spring Wedding Color?

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors spring wedding colors wedding

Is Burgundy a Spring Wedding Color?  A recurring query by soon to be married couples who cannot resist the beauty and boldness associated with lovely burgundy. Though burgundy is traditionally associated with fall or winter, with a little planning and ingenuity, burgundy can be used in summer and spring weddings too. If you are planning a spring wedding and want burgundy color in your wedding, you have enough on your plate. You can easily work on different color combinations to make burgundy an all-weather wedding color. If your favourite color is burgundy but have no idea how to use it in a spring wedding, we have highlighted some of the popular spring wedding colors combinations to get you started.

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Is Sage A Fall Wedding Colour?

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors Sage Wedding Colors wedding Wedding Color 2021

Sage green has made a comeback recently in the fashion world. Pinterest reported a 105% increase in searches for sage green design ideas as everyone is obsessed with this colour these days. The most FAQ these days is, is sage a fall wedding color? Sage Green is an all-rounder color, perfect to give a soothing serene sophistication to any wedding in any season. The subtle sage wedding colors make a gorgeous wedding color palette and a beautiful nod to every season.

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What Are The Best Colors For A Spring Wedding?

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors spring wedding colors

There is no denying the fact that spring weddings are ‘the’ most beautiful weddings of all. Spring is an ideal time to tie the knot, the flowers are blossoming, pastel colors are reigning, sun is shining bright, and the weather is just so perfect. If you are one of those stunning spring couples who have chosen this season for your life’s biggest celebration, then make sure to highlight all the beautiful spring wedding colors in your most-awaited spring wedding decor. From soft pastels to bright and vibrant hues, spring is loaded with almost all the shades that Mother Nature has to offer. While deciding on, what are the best colors for spring wedding? You need to know about the trendy spring wedding colors 2021 and if you are having a bit of a hard time in choosing the spring wedding colors for your special day, don’t worry! We have short listed some of our popular spring wedding colors that will ingeniously highlight the aesthetics of your spring wedding up a notch.

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What Colors Are Good For Summer Wedding?

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors wedding Wedding Color 2021 wedding colors for 2021

Summer is an ideal time to indulge in outdoor activities like sightseeing, sunbathing, and taking part in picnics and weddings.  Long days, brief nights and never-ending fun make summer one of the most favorite season of all. No wonder people have bestowed summer with the title of the king of seasons and spring with the title of queen of seasons. It may be easy for you to decide to marry in the summer, but it is a tough call when it comes to deciding the right color palette for the summer wedding. If you intend to marry this summer, several queries may be crossing your mind like What colors are good for summer wedding? What are the rules and conditions to use them? Where to use them? What is the best wedding backdrop? And more! Here is a list of wedding color 2021 that will surely help you figure out the right color palette for your summer wedding.

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Top Trending Wedding Colors & Inspirations for 2021!

2021 Trendy Wedding Colors wedding

Planning and designing the details for the wedding day begins with picking wedding colors as they are the most defining features of the decor. Inspired by the couple’s personal style, seasonality, and even the venue location, a wedding color palette helps tie all the visual components and details into one cohesive theme. But with endless color combinations and choices, it’s often hard for brides and couples to narrow down the list of hues they want to incorporate in their wedding color palette—especially when there’s no actual representation of how the end result will look like. Because we all know that what works in theory might not look as great when you lay it all out!  Thus, if you’re all set to tie the knot in 2021 but are still struggling to decide on your wedding color scheme, don’t worry, we have got it covered for you! Featuring this year’s trendiest wedding colors, we’ve curated some elegant and sophisticated palettes that’ll not only help you keep up with the 2021 wedding trends but will also blend a whimsical and dreamy aura into your romantic celebrations. Don’t believe us? We have photographic evidence to prove it! Just keep on scrolling and enjoy our color inspiration boards! 

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