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Colors have a deep-rooted connection in our lives and they have various meanings that reflect a person’s perspective or character. Every color has its own synonymous connection like for example, the blue color represents the sky and sea which actually symbolizes boundless things like peace, serenity, freedom, imagination and so on. Colors connect with every phase of life and incorporating meaningful hues in a wedding color story can have an effect on the wedded life as well. So, what do wedding colors mean? Well, every single color represents different aspects of marriage, such as the yellow color represents cheerfulness while brown means stability. Choosing appropriate wedding color schemes can enliven your ceremony with charm and extravagance. But how do you choose the right tones for your wedding color palette? Well, fret not and visit Tableclothsfactory, the best place to choose and shop an exquisite range of chic and colorful décor items to stylize your wedding ceremony. Let’s check out some creative decor ideas to curate a fabulous color scheme for your big day.

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Imbue Kindness and Femininity with a Pink Colored Theme

The pink color represents femininity and it sounds right because pink means kindness and love which are exactly the aspects, a woman brings into the wedded life. Include Blush and Pink Giant Peony Flowers and Pink Silk Hydrangea Kissing Flower Balls in your wedding stage decorations to make your ceremony visually enchanting. Choosing wedding color schemes with pink hues not just look refreshing but also add a subtle sense of grandeur. And if you prefer the same, then try installing balloon arches or balloon pillars with Pastel Pink Helium Latex Balloons on either one or both sides of your wedding arch. Moreover, allowing your wedding planner to come up with various wedding color ideas can no doubt help you choose the right one, but there is an added advantage of using pink shades in your event design as they complement well with other wedding colors too.

Infuse a Peaceful & Tranquil Vibe with Shades of Blue

Blue in a wedding color palette represents tranquility, balance and peace and is the perfect color to contrastingly enhance the ceremony décor along with the pink embellishments. Set up a stunning Royal Blue Premium Velvet Backdrop and embellish the chairs with Dusty Blue Chiffon Willow Sashes adding wondrous shades of blue to your color palette. Perfect your wedding décor setup by scattering Royal Blue Silk Rose Confetti Petals on the aisle runner and the floor that will elevate your event design with its gorgeousness. The alliance of pink and blue wedding colors will work out like a dream enthralling all your guests with their phenomenal beauty.

Exude a Serene Ambiance by Including White Tones

Wedding color schemes with bright blue and pastel pink colors will surely enhance your romantic ceremony garnering widespread accolades but it isn’t complete unless you involve the white color to create a wedding color palette that represents the purity of love. Use White Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels to adorn your ceilings and add a touch of grandeur by pairing them with Long Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape Curtains. This setup will represent the truth that pure love can overpower everything in this world. Complete your wedding décor by adorning the floor with a White Floral Lace Aisle Runner which will look brilliant with blue silk petals on top.

Wedding color schemes can add grandeur and sublime appeal to your event design but it is only fair to say that including your favorite colors in your wedding color palette can make your big day all the more special and extravagant. And as usual, we will be glad to know your thoughts in the comments box below about which colors you think will help add a unique touch to a wedding color palette.

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