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Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces

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Glass Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces For Weddings And Events!


Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces

It’s no secret that Paris is a token of high taste and elegance. To this end, there’s no better way to weave that sophisticated flair into your tabletop than to decorate it with our Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces.

Made from heavy-duty glass, these tokens of fashion mimic only the silhouette of Paris’ main tourist attraction. These make the former less straightforward than those miniature Eiffel Tower centerpieces.

Our Eiffel Tower Centerpieces are available in white, black, and clear. Moreover, these Mini Eiffel Tower Party Decorations will never look off making them a these Mini Eiffel Tower Party Decorations will never look off making them a great base for quinceanera and wedding centerpieces.

As for the sizes, you also have a wide range of options to choose from our Eiffel Tower Centerpieces and Wholesale Eiffel Tower Centerpieces.

Depending on the size of your table and how much drama you are looking to produce, you can purchase our 16'' Eiffel tower glass flower vase, 24'' Eiffel tower glass flower vase, or 36'' Eiffel tower glass flower vase, to name just a few!

You can always choose one vase to position in the middle of your table. However, to create a display of style and dimension, it’s highly recommended to mismatch glass Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces and Tall Flower Vases of different sizes.

Glass Eiffel Tower Wedding Centerpiece Vases
Tall Vases

Regardless of what color and size are to your liking, you can display our tall vases as they are. Aside from that, you can also fill them with flowers, ostrich feathers, LED ice cubes, acrylic diamonds, pearls, or even string lights to echo the Eiffel Tower at night.

At TableclothsFactory, we understand any décor is all about details. Whichever theme you are sticking to, you’ll never go wrong with our Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces. Just drop by our selection to see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to decorate Eiffel tower vase ?

Ans: When arranging flowers in an Eiffel tower glass vase, it’s important to consider the flowers you are choosing. The vase itself is already tall and has a distinctive look that makes a statement, so you only need one or a few types of flowers. The flower you choose should have long, sturdy stems. Find one colored variety that can be the centerpiece and fill in neutral-toned secondary flowers around it. Ostrich feathers are also a popular item used to decorate Eiffel tower vase centerpieces along with submersible LED lights to give the centerpiece an ethereal glow for a very remarkable look without spending a substantial amount of money.

2. Where to get Eiffel tower glass vase ?

Ans: Glass Eiffel tower wedding centerpiece vases are very popular for birthday parties and weddings because they add a very distinctive look and touch to the entire event setting and are also very affordable. Make your celebrations stand out and be worth remembering with TableclothsFactory's fancy Eiffel tower vases. Try decorating them with our fuzzy feathers for an even more striking appearance. Our cheap Eiffel tower vases come in various heights and are ideal for those who want to create large unique table settings for an event, home, and even office decor.

3. How to make Eiffel tower vase centerpieces ?

Ans: Eiffel Tower vases can ultimately help you design towering, theatrical arrangements as centerpieces for the main table or individual banquet tables. The flowers or ostrich feathers in the vases hover high above the heads of seated guests so the centerpiece doesn't intervene with their conversation. Adding submersible LED lights to the glass vase will produce an extra shimmer in a daytime canopy or a night reception lounge.


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