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It’s no secret that flowers are the essence of any celebration. However, even the rarest blossoms will look dull without decent Tall Floor Vases. In order to help you make your botanicals stand out, we’ve got you covered with our collection of tall vases and floor vases.

Crafted from polystone, fiberglass, and mirror, our Polystone Mirror Mosaic Pedestal Floor Vases can be used again and again without losing their brand-new look. Available in an immense range of sizes, and shapes, these decorative metal vases can play along with any theme. 

For instance, if your event calls for charismatic floor decor, you can never go wrong with our 43” Large Pearl Embellished White Trumpet Vase With Mirror Mosaic Decoration, which will strike a perfect match with faux flower balls, seasonal blooms, fake foliage, peacock feathers, and other decorative fillers.

At the same time, whenever your flower balls call for tall and slender glass table trumpet vases bulk, we can offer you our Clear Reversible Clarinet Glass Trumpet Vases. Are you looking for stylish slim-footed floor vases which are a picture-perfect choice for tall, slender floral arrangements? Feel free to choose from our Eiffel Tower Glass Flower Vases available in 32-inch and 36-inch.

Large Vase Decor
Oversized Vase

At tableclothsfactory, we realize the importance of a well-designed centerpiece – that’s why we are here with our collection of floor vases to take your long-stemmed flowers a few steps further. To check out our entire range and learn about our surprisingly low prices, please don’t hesitate to stop by our collection of Tall & Floor Vases.




1. What can I put in a tall vase ?

Ans: Tall decorative floor vases are the perfect choice for any interior space with empty areas that need to be filled. Not only because they create easy, eye-catching accents, but they also provide the much-needed color, texture, and impact an empty corner or space requires. Of course, a large floor vase will look just as beautiful when displayed on its own, but if you need tall floor decor ideas to maximize your home's decorating potential, check out these few inspiring ways.

  • A tall silver floor vase will look fabulous when paired with dried branches and tall-stemmed artificial flowers such as birch branches and orchids.
  • Clustered flowers surrounded by cascading greenery will create a dramatic effect and look exceptionally attractive in a large floor vase decor.
  • Fill a living room floor vase with arrangements that are ideal for your interiors. It can be pebbles and stone fillers along with twigs, branches, or bamboo.
  • Enhance your dinner setting by displaying a glass floor vase adorned with a single flower or greenery.
  • A mosaic white floor vase paired with metallic artificial leaf stems can be a fantastic addition to a contemporary home space.

2. How to keep tall vases from falling over ?

Ans: It is a fact that decorating with an oversized vase will give your flowers and foliage more volume and structure. But before you dive into your floor vase ideas, it's important to consider the shape and size of your tall floor vase as this will determine the shape and scale of your design. 

Vases with a wider base are less likely to tip over than taller vases with narrow bases. To ensure your tall corner vases don’t trip over, what you need to do is weigh them down by placing clear glass pebbles on the bottom. Not only will they stabilize and ensure that your tall standing vase will not fall over, but they will also serve as an additional accent. If you are not a fan of marbles or any type of vase filler, you can use a natural temporary adhesive such as a quake gel or putty.

3. Where can I buy tall vases for centerpieces ?

Ans: One of the fastest ways to infuse empty spaces and effortlessly add style to your home interiors is to decorate with big vase decors from TableclothsFactory. Display beautiful floral arrangements and greenery, or just let the piece be the center of attention. Select from attractive options ranging from glass, ceramic, and polystone. We guarantee that you will find a pair or set of tall flower vases that will enhance the look of your space.

For spaces with a more glamorous theme, try our tall metal vases with mirror mosaic embellishment, while our extra large floor vase made of glass material will fit perfectly in living spaces with a minimalist design. And if you're looking to spend a little more on a premium item, we assure you that you won't be disheartened with our tall ceramic floor vase.

4. Where to buy floor vases ? 

Ans: If you are looking to add an air of elegance and style to your home, there is no better way to do this than to decorate with a floor vase decor from TableclothsFactory. Our wide selection of floor standing vases come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to make decorating any part of your home a fun and exciting experience. 

Great as stylish hallway vases, placed next to a staircase, to dress up a corner of the family room, or anywhere you want to adorn without putting too much visual weight on. Whether you're looking for a decorative living room floor vase or a floor vase set for the doorway that will leave a lasting impression on visitors, finding the best floor vases for sale to complement any home style is never a problem with our floor vase collection.

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