A Couple of Ideas to Distill the Wintry Charm into a Table Setting

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Spring is just a couple of weeks away from us, and it’s time to pay tribute to the winter season. Yes, you may be sick and tired of the bone-chilling cold that seems to have been there forever! – but let’s face it: winter offers lots of things to be happy about! To make these two weeks easier on you, we’ve assembled two tablescapes that are a distillation of the unsurpassed charm of the winter season.

Frozen Sunshine

There is nothing more pleasing and heart-warming than a tranquil, clear day in winter. Those sunlit snow-covered streets can make even the most downright “winter hater” smile. If it sounds appealing to you, we are happy to give you a perfect opportunity to freeze that moment of winter jubilance and recreate it on your tabletop with our Frozen Sunshine setup. Based on white, yellow, gold, green, ivory, and silver, it showcases everything you love about sunny winter days – snow, sparkling in all shades of yellow, blue, and blush; dazzling icicles; nonchalant evergreens; and bare trees covered with snowflakes! Surprisingly, bringing this setting to life is easier than it seems. All it takes is listed here:

  • First, dress up your table with our white satin round tablecloth – it’s solid-colored yet festive, making it a perfect “canvas” for ANY celebratory table.
  • Once the linens are on, proceed with the table settings. You’ll never go wrong with our gold beaded chargers – they are universal enough to be used across different styles and occasions. To mitigate the regal appeal of our gold charger plates, it’s highly recommended to complement them with our white round plates with silver hot-stamped rims and add matching flatware and glasses.
  • Finally, move on to the crucial part, the centerpiece. It goes without saying that you’ll never strike out with blossoms, however, it is quite daunting to make a flower arrangement stand out… unless you have seen our sleek metallic reversible vase. Fill it with our ivory hydrangeas, peonies, and rosebuds and accentuate them with our peerless glittered bay leaf stems, which will remind you of frozen leaves in the sunshine.

Moody & Spicy

Of course, not all the days in winter are clear. In the temperate climate zone, most of them are сold and cloudy. In this dark, frozen world, sporadic snow-covered winter berries and evergreens are the only tokens of life. In our humble opinion, our Moody & Spicy setup perfectly reflects this controversial wintry charm – being moody like an average winter day, it is spiced up with those bold captivating pops of burgundy and dark green. Yes, it is more like winter than spring or summer, but there is something warm and cozy about it, something that will make you happy to realize that the coldest season is still there. If you are absolutely after it, please stick to the following steps:


Last but not the least; the given themes are extremely versatile. You can stick to the given guidelines or make them even more outdoorsy by using our natural wood slices, denim linens, preserved bird nests, or whatever brings that “alfresco” feel.

Whichever idea crosses your mind, please share it with us in the comments below. Even if there are no ideas in your mind, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and feelings about these tablescapes – your feedback is what we treasure and appreciate.

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