How To Choose A Chair Cover For Your Party Chairs?

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With chair covers, it becomes simple to decorate and match chairs to the event’s theme and design. These covers also protect chairs from spills, stains, and normal wear and tear, and are washable, easy to use, and reuse. Accent chair covers are inexpensive and come in a range of materials, including polyester, satin, and spandex, as well as styles such as banquet chair covers, spandex chair covers, and universal chair covers, to give your otherwise boring chairs a sleek and modern look. With so many options you might wonder how do I choose a chair cover. Don’t worry, ahead we’ve listed some tips and tricks to help you find the right chair covers for your chairs.

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Select The Chair Type

The most popular types of chairs include banquet chairs, foldable chairs, and Chiavari chairs. Banquet chairs feature a cushioned seat and a straight back, and you can elevate the look of your event banquet chairs with banquet covers that are available at tableclothsfactory in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, materials, and styles to match your decor perfectly. Folding chairs, on the other hand, provide a more informal seating option, and their ability to fold makes them portable and space-saving. They are sometimes mistaken for banquet chairs, but they have slanted backs and require special folding chair coverings that are gorgeous and pocket-friendly. However, Chiavari chairs, are incredibly fashionable and glamorous on their own and do not require covers, but you can still boost their appeal with Chiavari cushions and seat covers along with chair caps and slipcovers to add an oomph factor to your decor.

Measure The Chairs

It is important to measure the chair first, to purchase accurate slipcovers that fit perfectly on your chair. You need to measure the full height of the chair, the height and width of the chair’s back, and the length and width of the seat cover. Also, consider the top style of the chair that comes in the three most common shapes—round, square, and crown. So, simply match the chair dimensions to the chair cover description to buy seamless, gorgeous, stylish, and well-fitted decorative chair covers. However, you may also choose our universal chair covers if your chair size is just a little smaller or larger than the regular banquet chair cover or folding chair cover. These graceful, easy-to-tie, and adjustable elegant chair covers will make your chair look fabulous.

Choose The Fabric

Once you figure out what kind of chair you have and are done measuring its size, the next step is to choose the fabric for your event chair covers. The most frequently used fabrics for party chair covers are polyester, satin, and spandex. Opt for our polyester chair covers that are sturdy, easy to use, stylish, and offer a matte finish to convert uninteresting chairs into attractive seats oozing elegance and refinement. Whereas, adorn chairs with satin chair covers to exude sheer elegance and metallic shimmer. However, for a modern and fashionable look, stylize your chairs with spandex chair covers to impart splendor and grandeur.

Pick The Color

Event chair covers are an integral part of any decor as they imbue charm and sophistication to jazz up the ambiance, thus selecting the right color is important. The venue, concept, and color scheme of your event are the main factors to consider when choosing the appropriate color for your party chair covers that will ooze oodles of panache and flair while complementing the decor. However, opt for black and white chair covers that will go with any theme or style and you don’t need to buy new chair covers for every event. If you want to inject glamour and grandeur into your environment, pick decorative chair covers in colors like gold and silver taking your chair decor to the whole new level of glitz and glam.

Keeping all these points in mind, the task of selecting the perfect chair covers becomes much easier. Don’t you agree? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments box below!

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