Decorate a Simple and Casual Tablescape in Blue and White

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Embrace Elegance with a Blue and White Tablescape

Classic blue and white tablescape adorned with elegant floral arrangements and fine china, ideal for a sophisticated gathering.

Creating a stunning blue and white tablescape can transform any gathering into an elegant affair, whether it’s a laid-back brunch or a chic dinner party. The timeless mix of blue and white brings a serene and classy vibe, perfect for many occasions. This article will walk you through designing a simple yet captivating tablescape with high-quality products from From the best tablecloths and decorative table runners to gorgeous centerpieces and dining chair covers, we have all you need to craft a breathtaking blue and white tablescape. Dive in to discover essential items, creative ideas, and expert tips to elevate your next event with this classic color scheme.

Prepare These Essentials for Setting a Blue and White Tablescape

Elegant blue and white tablescape with delicate floral centerpiece and fine china plates, perfect for a refined dining experience.

Setting a beautiful blue and white tablescape starts with picking the right essentials. Each piece plays a crucial role in achieving a balanced and visually stunning look. From the foundational round tablecloths and the best table runners to the finishing touches like candles and vases, every detail adds to the overall aesthetic. Here are some key items and tips to help you create a tablescape that will impress your guests.

Tablecloths & Table Runners

The base of any stunning table setup starts with a white tablecloth. This creates a clean, elegant background that makes other elements pop. To add a splash of color, pair it with a blue table runner. When choosing these items, think about the material and texture. Polyester tablecloths are great because they're durable and easy to clean, perfect for any occasion. Make sure the table runner complements the white tablecloth without overpowering it.


Flowers bring a fresh, lively vibe to your blue and white theme. Stick to blue and white flowers for your centerpieces to keep the color scheme cohesive. Blue hydrangeas, white roses, and blue delphiniums work beautifully. Arrange them to balance height and volume for an eye-catching centerpiece. If you prefer low-maintenance options, high-quality artificial flowers can look just as lovely and last much longer.

Table Napkins

Matching table napkins are key for a unified look. Choose napkins that match the blue table runner or contrast nicely with the white tablecloth. Patterned napkins that blend both colors add a sophisticated touch. Playing with folding techniques and using stylish napkin rings can elevate the entire presentation.

Chair Covers

Transform your seating with elegant dining chair covers. White covers match the white tablecloth seamlessly, and adding blue sashes or ribbons can tie in the blue table runner. This creates a polished, cohesive look that really enhances your tablescape. Opt for high-quality fabrics for a smooth, luxurious finish.


A well-chosen backdrop can enhance the atmosphere of your blue and white setup. For both indoor and outdoor events, consider white drapes with blue accents or vice versa. This not only frames your table beautifully but also provides a stunning background for photos, making your event unforgettable.

Disposable Dinnerware

For convenience without sacrificing style, go for high-quality disposable dinnerware. Choose elegant designs that mimic real china, like white plates with blue accents, to keep with the theme. This makes cleanup easy while ensuring your table looks sophisticated and worry-free.

Artificial Flowers

If you want a hassle-free option that still looks amazing, consider artificial flowers. High-quality artificial blooms can be just as beautiful as real ones and can be arranged well before your event. They are perfect for creating lasting centerpieces that add a touch of nature to your blue and white tablecloth tablescape. Stick to a mix of blue and white flowers to maintain the color balance.


Stunning centerpieces are a must. For a blue and white tablescape, mix floral arrangements with decorative items and candles. Use blue and white ceramic vases filled with flowers, glass bowls with floating candles, or small decorative objects in blue and white. Keep the centerpieces low enough to encourage conversation across the table.

LED Lighting

Set a warm, inviting mood with LED lighting. String lights, LED candles, or small fairy lights can add a magical glow. Place them around the table or weave them through centerpieces to enhance the overall ambiance. LED lights are safe, energy-efficient, and add a touch of elegance to your blue and white tablescape.

Candles & Vases

Candles and vases add romance and sophistication. Use white candles in blue holders or blue candles in white holders to stick with your color scheme. Varying the heights and styles of vases can create visual interest. Mix and match different sizes and shapes to enhance the overall look of your blue and white tablescape.

10 Blue and White Tablescape Ideas

Creating a blue and white tablescape opens up so many fun and stylish possibilities. Whether you're having a casual brunch or an elegant dinner party, these creative tips will help you put together a stunning look. Here are ten inspired suggestions to make your tablescape both beautiful and memorable.

White Flower Centerpieces

Blue and white tablescape with close-up of floral centerpiece and fine china, creating a refined and elegant dining experience.

White flowers make such a fresh and elegant focal point for your centerpieces. Think about using blooms like white roses, lilies, or peonies in blue vases for a striking contrast. The pure white flowers against deep blue vases create a sophisticated and balanced look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Blue & White Chargers

Blue and white tablescape with a close-up of intricate dishware and delicate floral arrangements, perfect for a refined dining experience.

Adding some elegant chargers can really bring depth to your tablescape. Choose blue and white chargers to frame your dinner plates, providing a beautiful backdrop that matches your theme. These chargers not only protect your table linens but also add a layer of refinement to each place setting.

Patterned Plates

Top view of blue and white tablescape with floral dishware and fresh flowers, creating a charming and elegant table setting.

Mixing and matching blue and white patterned plates can add a playful touch to your table. Look for plates with intricate designs, like floral motifs or geometric patterns, that use both colors. This approach lets you create a dynamic and engaging table setting while keeping the color scheme cohesive.

Striped Napkins

Casual blue and white tablescape with striped napkins and woven placemats, ideal for an outdoor setting.

Striped napkins can add a fun and stylish touch to your tablescape. Choose blue and white striped napkins to match your theme and provide a subtle pattern that contrasts nicely with solid-colored round tablecloths and table runners. Fold them neatly or use elegant napkin rings for a polished finish.

Blue Glassware

Blue and white tablescape with crystal glasses and hydrangea centerpiece, perfect for a sophisticated gathering.

Adding blue-tinted glasses to your table setting can really enhance the overall look. Blue glassware, such as wine glasses or water goblets, introduces another layer of color while staying functional. This touch of blue makes your tablescape more interesting and cohesive.

White Candles

Blue and white tablescape with candleholders and delicate flowers, offering a warm and elegant dining ambiance.

White candles can create a serene and elegant atmosphere for your blue and white tablescape. Use different sizes and shapes of white candles in blue holders or on white candlesticks to add a soft, warm glow. The flickering candlelight adds a romantic and inviting feel, perfect for evening gatherings.

Blue Vases

Blue and white tablescape with various ceramic vases and lush floral arrangements, ideal for a classic and refined setting.

Incorporating blue vases into your tablescape adds a vibrant pop of color. Fill these vases with white flowers or greenery to keep the blue and white theme while adding a natural touch. Mixing different sizes and shapes of vases can create a dynamic centerpiece that draws the eye and complements the rest of your decor.

White Lanterns

Outdoor blue and white tablescape with lanterns and candles, creating a cozy and inviting evening atmosphere.

Adding white lanterns to your tablescape brings a charming and whimsical touch. Place blue-tinted LED lights or candles inside to keep the color scheme. Arrange the lanterns along the table's center or hang them above for a cohesive and enchanting look. This idea works great for both indoor and outdoor settings, adding a festive yet elegant feel.

Blue Ribbon Accents

Blue and white tablescape with elegant floral arrangements and napkins, perfect for a formal dining experience.

Using blue ribbons to tie everything together is simple yet effective. Tie blue ribbons around napkins, wrap them around chair backs, or use them to adorn vases and centerpieces. This small detail can have a big impact, adding a touch of color and elegance throughout your table setting. Make sure the ribbons match the shade of your blue table runner for a cohesive look.

Seasonal Touches

Blue and white autumn tablescape featuring decorative pumpkins and elegant dishware, creating a festive and refined setting.

Incorporate seasonal elements into your blue and white tablecloth tablescape to keep it fresh and relevant. For spring, add greenery and pastel blue accents. In summer, use seashells and nautical elements. For fall, go with deep blue tones and white pumpkins. During winter, add silver accents and snowflake decorations. These seasonal touches make your tablescape dynamic and festive, perfect for any time of year.

Tips to Make the Blue and White Tablescape More Exquisite

Outdoor blue and white tablescape featuring lush floral arrangements and candles, creating a charming and serene ambiance.

Transforming your blue and white tablescape from good to stunning is all about those little details that make a big difference. Here's how you can elevate your setup to ensure it's both polished and sophisticated.

Pay Attention to Color Proportions

Finding the right balance between blue and white is crucial for a harmonious look. Too much of one can overshadow the other, but a well-mixed combination can be visually delightful. Start with a white tablecloth as your neutral base, then sprinkle in blue accents with decorative table runners, napkins, and other decorations. This creates a pleasing and cohesive appearance where neither color steals the show.

Use Some Props

Add elegance and charm with carefully chosen props like napkin rings, candles, and small decorations. Napkin rings can enhance your table linens, while candles can set a warm, inviting mood. Look for items that complement your blue and white theme, such as blue glass candle holders or white ceramic figurines, to pull everything together beautifully.

Incorporate Different Textures

Mixing different materials can add depth and interest to your tablescape. Combine polyester tablecloths with glassware, ceramic plates, and metallic accents to create a rich, varied texture. This not only looks great but also feels more engaging. Different textures make your tablescape feel luxurious and thoughtfully designed.

Layering Elements

Layering is a fantastic way to add dimension and make your tablescape more dynamic. Start with your base white tablecloth, then layer a blue table runner and place settings on top. Add depth by stacking plates, using chargers, and incorporating layered centerpieces. This approach adds complexity and sophistication, making your tablescape visually intriguing.

Seasonal Decor

Keep your tablescape fresh and relevant by adapting it to the seasons and holidays. For spring, think light blue accents and floral arrangements. In summer, go for nautical touches with seashells and marine motifs. Autumn calls for deeper blue tones with white pumpkins and fall foliage, while winter can be enhanced with silver accents and snow-themed decorations. Seasonal touches ensure your blue and white tablescape is always stylish and perfectly suited to any occasion.

We Provide Everything You Need for Blue and White Tablescape

Refined blue and white tablescape featuring intricate plates, silverware, and a floral arrangement, ideal for elegant gatherings.

At, we’ve got everything you need to create a stunning blue and white tablescape. Our wide array of products includes the best tablecloths, best table runners, centerpieces, dining chair covers, and more, ensuring your table setting looks cohesive and beautiful.

Features of Our Products

Durable Materials: Our table linens are crafted from top-notch fabrics like polyester tablecloths, which are both durable and easy to maintain.

Wide Selection: We offer an array of styles, colors, and sizes to fit any event, from casual get-togethers to formal affairs.

Affordable Prices: Our competitive pricing makes it simple to create a gorgeous tablescape without spending a fortune.

Customizable Options: Many items can be personalized to match your theme or color scheme, adding a unique flair to your table setting.

Eco-Friendly Choices: We provide sustainable options like disposable dinnerware made from biodegradable materials, so you can be stylish and eco-conscious.

Recommendations for Specific Blue and White Items

Blue Satin Table Runner: This elegant blue table runner adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your tablescape, perfectly complementing a white tablecloth.

White Polyester Tablecloth: Our best-selling white tablecloth offers a pristine and versatile base for any table setting, ensuring a clean, polished look.

Blue Glass Vases: Create eye-catching centerpieces with these vases and white flowers, adding a vibrant pop to your blue and white tablescape.

Blue and White Dinner Plates: These patterned plates bring charm and elegance to your table, seamlessly blending with the overall theme.

White Chair Covers with Blue Sashes: Give your seating area a cohesive and stylish finish with these dining chair covers accented with blue sashes.

Craft Your Dream Blue and White Tablescape Today

Beautiful blue and white tablescape with a lush floral centerpiece and elegant dishware, creating a sophisticated dining atmosphere.

Creating your dream blue and white tablescape has never been easier! It’s all about picking the right essentials, adding some creative touches, and incorporating those exquisite details. Thanks to the high-quality products from, you can effortlessly transform any event into a visual feast. From elegant white tablecloths and blue table runners to sophisticated centerpieces and lighting, our extensive selection ensures you have everything you need. Plan your next event with confidence, knowing that a beautiful, cohesive tablescape is just a few clicks away. Elevate your gatherings and create lasting memories with a perfectly curated blue and white tablescape.

Written By Naomi Roberts - Updated May 31, 2024

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