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Don’t you just love autumn? The crisp cool air, the colors and of course the DIY projects that abound make this season a favorite for many. There are so many wonderful things to make during the cooler weather and DIY wreaths are the simplest yet artistic to display your creativity and love for the autumn season. So we have cherry-picked some gorgeous wreath ideas that’ll give your fall décor a personalized touch.

Ombre Silk Loop Wreath

If you love being festive during this season, this wreath will give your décor a whimsical touch as it involves the use of all the vibrant colors fall has to offer. Create this marvelous piece by looping strips of our shiny satin ribbons and staple the two ends together. Glue these vibrantly hued loops on our foam wreath ring with the help of a glue gun and finish off with a chevron ribbon hanger to place it on your front door or mantle. The choice of colors to incorporate into your wreath depends upon whether you need a subtle or solid color palette for your autumn décor. No matter which one you go with, your loop wreath is bound to welcome your guests with its rejuvenating vibrancy!

Fall Wreath Decor

Hydrangea Wreath

Want to spruce up your fall décor with a hydrangea wreath? While hydrangeas are meant for summer, you can use them to create wonderful wreaths to adorn your front porch. Looking for alternatives for fresh hydrangeas in this season? Look no further than our silk hydrangeas that are hard to tell apart from their natural counterparts and will last you the entire fall season. Create a gorgeous floral wreath in autumn hues including a mix of deep red, light yellow, and gold silk hydrangeas. Insert these flower heads in our moss and twig wreath and complement it with some artificial greenery. Tie a beautiful bow hanger made from our burlap ribbon and voila! You have the most welcoming autumn décor right at your front door.

Fall Wreath Decor

Mixed Peony Wreath

If you loved the idea of a floral wreath to play a part in your autumn décor, then you’ll certainly fall in love with this one too. Decorating for autumn festivities doesn’t mean that you’ll have to bid farewell to your flower-love till the spring season. Reignite your love for blooms by creating a sensational silk peonies and beads wreath. This can be assembled by inserting our gorgeous silk peonies on one side of a moss and twig wreath while covering the rest of the wreath with lots of beads with wire stems. The peonies will give your wreath a refreshing feel for autumn and the beads will resemble berries and both your blooms and ‘berries’ will stay fresh forever!

Fall Wreath Decor

Rustic Fall Wreath

If you love to add a rustic touch to every décor that you plan, then this wreath will be the right choice for you. Involving pine cones, burlap, and twigs ring, this rustic fall wreath will add a graceful look to your front door or mantle. You can easily recreate this wreath by decorating one side of our moss and twig wreath with a bunch of tiny pine cones by gluing them on the wreath. Form loops in a burlap ribbon, tie with floral wire and then glue these loops in place with hot glue on either side of the pine cones. More than half of your twig ring will be left exposed to embrace the rustic effect completely. Let this gorgeous décor piece grace your door and welcome your guests to an enchanted forest-autumn celebration.

Fall Wreath Decor

Wood and Burlap Wreath

Craving for more rustic-style ideas to adorn your fall festivities? Well, this one is going to take your breath away! The highlight of this wreath is our miniature wood slices glued together in two layers to form a unique wreath that none of your guests would have ever come across. Accentuate this wood wreath with ribbon, flowers, and burlap to embrace all the natural elements of fall and place this unique rustic ring on your door or mantle to bring a truly rustic feel into the ambiance.

Fall Wreath Decor

Whether you like vibrant colors and plenty of flaire, or prefer muted tones and understated elegance, within this collection of fall wreaths rounded up by Tableclothsfactory, you will be sure to find something to suit your front door or a bare wall at your home. Please let us know about your thoughts on these ideas in the comments below.

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