How Do I Pick Colors For My Wedding?

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When planning for a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding color palette is the main key element as it not only sets the theme of an event but also elevates its aesthetics. The best way to pick the colors for your wedding is by firstly, keeping the season in mind and after that your personal style and the overall wedding vision that you have for your big day. Next comes a handful of coordinating colors that will ultimately sum up all that you want, so, if you have some of your favorite wedding color 2021combinations in mind, then go for it and incorporate them in your wedding decorations, floral arrangements, and attire. For those who are a little confused that, ‘How do I pick colors for my wedding?’ as there are myriads of amazing wedding color schemes, fret not! We have listed some trending wedding color combos that will help you pick your kind of wedding color 2021. Read along and bring a fresh and modern feel into your wedding with the perfect selection of the wedding color 2021 and be an inspiration for others around you.

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Colors for Wedding Flowers!

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, without having these pretty blooms no wedding decoration is complete. Whether its for the ceremony, reception, wedding bouquets, centerpieces, or tabletop decor, having flowers around gives your ambiance a magical garden feel. While creating lovely floral arrangement for your wedding, make sure to pick the blooms in the colors that go according to the season you are getting married in. For instance, if it’s a spring wedding the wedding color for 2021 should be more on the lighter and pastel side, like, blush, pink, lavender, blue, yellow, and sage green. For a fall wedding the wedding color 2021 that is trending is more on the bold side, like burgundy, emerald-green, red, navy, yellow, gold, or orange and for a summer & winter nuptial, the trending wedding color 2021 is a mix of both soft and vibrant hues. Bring a colorful twist into your wedding color theme by creating lovely flower arrangements with one or two accent colors rather than having all the seasonal ones and impress everyone with your unique color choice.


Colors for Bride & Groom!

Another defining feature of a wedding is the wedding attire, either it’s the bride & groom’s dresses, flower girl’s, ring bearer’s apparel or the couple’s parents’ wardrobe, the color that you pick must complement with the wedding color 2021 that you have chosen as a theme. Mostly brides opt for soft pastels like blush, ivory, pink, or lavender  for their wedding gown as it works in almost all the season, but choosing some nontraditional shades like red, blue, yellow, orange can be an interesting choice. The groom on the other hand shouldn’t be wearing the typical black & white suit, the wedding color 2021 that you have used in your bridal bouquet or wedding arch can be a great choice for a groom’s attire. Either it’s a suit, tuxedo or a cool blazer, make sure that it complements with the wedding colors that you have picked as a theme for your big day and make a style statement.


Color for Wedding Drapery!

An airy fabric lavishly draping your backdrop curtains, wedding arch or tabletops will be the highlight of your event decor. The wedding color 2021 that you have picked as your theme should be the one used in the wedding drapery, no matter what fabric you choose the choice of wedding color actually sets the tone and overall appearance of your event. Wedding color 2021 for the spring summer weddings are mostly on the lighter side, like white, blush & lavender. Take inspiration from the nature and chose bold and bright tones like red, yellow, bright metallic gold or silver for your fall & winter weddings. Opting for black, fuchsia & burgundy will also rock your wedding as they are one of the trending wedding colors 2021. Creatively mix and match your favorite wedding color 2021 and give your wedding some amazing wedding color schemes that will surely turn your special day into an unforgettable one.


As you can see, the wedding color 2021 choices are both on the softer and brighter side, just make sure that you pick the wedding color palette that complements with the season you are getting married in. So, was this blog helpful enough to make you pick the wedding color 2021 that best suits your style. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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