5 Products to Combat Your S-s-summertime Sadness

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The warmest season is already here and it’s time to scratch that itch for celebrations with an outdoor get-together. If you’re in, don’t neglect these inexpensive summer party essentials, no matter whether it’s a wedding or a backyard cookout!

Paper napkins

Have a bunch of leftover napkins from your previous gatherings? Don’t sentence them to a trash can – instead, raid the Internet for a couple of creative ideas. For example, you can fold red and green napkins into adorable paper watermelons if you want to top off your summer-inspired table setting with a “juicy” touch. Alternatively, you can give your napkins a second life by turning them into a colorful garland of fringe for your party backdrop.

Vintage bottles

It’s no secret that refreshing drinks always hit the spot, especially, on humid summer days. To make hydration even more appealing, use our vintage-looking clear glass bottle jars. Mimicking those “old-school” milk bottles, they can enhance the visual appeal of your already fancy beverages, “vase” your floral centerpieces, or even serve as containers for your keepsakes.


Butterfly stickers

Transform your unused wall, wedding cake, garden, party backdrop, or table into a dream-like residence of butterflies with our captivating butterfly stickers. Equipped with magnets and double-sided adhesive stickers sheets, these charms can be applied to almost any surface, whether it’s a fridge door, wall, or window.


Balloon pump inflator

If you’re into balloons, our electronic balloon pump will make the season of festivity much easier on you. Wherever you are and no matter how many balloons you have, this handy inflator will help you add a festive feel to all your gatherings in no time.

Rimmed plates

If you want to take your upscale celebration outdoors without breaking expensive plates, consider using our newly arrived disposable plates with floral, checkered, or lace rims. Fashioned from hard plastic and adorned with intricate rims, these durable and reusable pieces of craftsmanship imitate their expensive, fragile counterparts.

Willing to find more budget-friendly options to outfit your summertime celebrations? Stop by any category on our left-side toolbar or use our search engine to see everything for yourself!

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