Consider These Eco-Friendly Products to Save Our Planet

•  Disposable Dinnerware

With the growing number of environmentally conscious people, eco-friendly products are gaining in popularity. With TableclothsFactory, you can easily embrace this trend as well. In order to save your precious time, we’ve got you covered with this list of our eco-friendly products.

Artificial blooms

Can’t imagine your big event without a lush bouquet of fragrant blooms? Well, while fresh-cut darlings mesmerize every beholder with their unmatched beauty and dazzling scent, the cut flower industry contributes to the high carbon emissions from transportation of these bedazzling charms to your local store. Alternatives? Yes, if you take care of our planet, you don’t necessarily have to spend all your time and budget on a lush garden. Our artificial blooms are what you are looking for – just stop by our collection and you will be surprised with their “fresh-cut” appearance!

Biodegradable dinnerware

If you want to go green without putting aside any disposables, our eco-friendly natural tableware would be a nice compromise – you’ll reduce the amount of plastic litter and set the rustic tone to your get-togethers at the same time.

…or reusable dinnerware

If your event is too upscale for these sturdy bamboo disposables, our reusable porcelain plates would be a perfect investment. They’ll add some royal feel to your big occasion and lighten our planet from the “plastic burden” at a wholesale price

Energy-saving bulbs

It is an undeniable fact that taking care of our Earth begins with saving energy. But, relax, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we should get rid of all of our electrical appliances (which’s not so bad idea from environmental point of view). Instead, start off easy – consider our energy-saving bulbs. They can considerably reduce your energy costs while providing super-bright illumination. Whether you’ll use them to facilitate your photoshoots or to illuminate your interior, our planet will appreciate that!


Faux fur

While the fur industry claims that faux fur causes greater negative environmental impact than its “natural prototype”, it has been proven that synthetic fur is five times “greener” than its natural counterpart. If your little lady has a big occasion and the weather forecast is not on your side, take a look at our collection of faux-fur shoulder wraps. They will warm your girl up without compromising on her modish appearance, our environment, and your budget.


If you want to infuse your interior with the rustic ambiance, consider jute. It’s the most recyclable, biodegradable, and the eco-friendliest fabric (it requires fewer chemicals and less energy). Put it simply, this fabric has everything our lovely planet could ever desire. Our burlap collection includes everything from tablecloths to favor bags – all come in their natural color, which adds to their “good relationships” with our environment. On top of that, our jute curtains boast insulating properties that can lower your energy bills.

Reusable shopping bags

It’s no secret that party favors are a perfect way to show your guests some appreciation. But while you’re at it, how can you say thank you to our planet as well? Well, it’s a breeze with our collection of eco-friendly BYO grocery bags that combine a nice look and practical usability at a reasonable price. Even if you are not planning any parties, purchase one for yourself to make each shopping trip easier on our nature.

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