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Brides to be, wedding planners, and avid grooms to be – you must be tired. Tired of reading, planning, making lists, crossing off to do’s, it’s too much.

Wait – no. That’s not you.

You’re ready for more.

You want more inspiration.

So are you tumbling? We’re getting into even more brilliant inspirations on Tumblr – a microblogging site where it’s like Pinterest, only even bigger pictures J

How does a bride get started?

  • First, make an account at It’s simple, and you can always change your name, later (like to your married name J)
  • Start following other blogs that you’re interested in, like There’s a little icon in the top right hand that will let you follow any blog. That way you’ll get the best ideas and pictures in your newsfeed.
  • Use the search term tags box in the upper right to find posts and blogs that you’re interested in. You can ‘track’ your favorite tags, so you can always have easy access to ‘weddings’ ‘wedding colors’ ‘brides’ and other cute ideas.
  • After you start following a few, you can reblog – which is like repining and sharing – a post.
  • Try not to get addicted. If you think Pinterest is bad.

For more tips on Tumblr, check out this page.

Some of our most inspirational posts so far have been  very green, very bright:

Gorgeous Green Tablecloth Spread

Popping Pink and Green Combination

Wild Animal Print Reception Room

Remember for stunning inspirations and ideas for weddings and tablecloths, you can always find always us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and of course Tumblr now!

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