What To Do With The Cake Topper After The Wedding?

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The wedding ceremony can be called the most special moment in any person’s life without a doubt. The unique rituals that symbolize meaningful ideologies make it an interesting occasion and one such practice that has been followed for years is the cake cutting ceremony. The delicacy adorned with wondrous wedding cake toppers can elevate the vibe of your cake table décor by many notches. Having said that, what do you do with the cake topper after the wedding? Well, the best thing about cake toppers is the fact that these artistic décor items serve multiple purposes than just embellishing the cake on your big day. And visiting Tableclothsfactory can be a great idea to start off your search for unique wedding cake toppers that can be reused. Browse through a wide range of wedding cake toppers available at cheap and affordable prices alongside many custom toppers as well that will help you add a personalized touch to your wedding cake. On that note, let us explore some trendy ideas to deck up your cake with scintillating cake toppers on your wedding day and also throw light on how to use them after your ceremony.

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Wedding Cake Toppers That Connect On A Personal Level

The wedding day means a lot to the bride and groom as they step into their wedded life and using décor items that connect on a personal level to glam up the event only makes the ambiance even better. And that is why using personalized wedding cake toppers can do wonders. Especially, using gold rhinestone letter cake toppers and silver rhinestone letter cake toppers on top of the wedding cake to form the initials of the couple can be a great idea. Even better would be to represent funny nicknames of the bride and groom as it can surely evoke hearty laughter not just from the couple but from everyone present there. The benefit of such custom wedding cake toppers is that they make up for brilliant souvenirs for many years to come. Be it inside the couple’s bedroom as wall art or at the showcase, these wedding cake toppers that carry a personal touch will remind the couple about their special day for an entire lifetime.

Wedding Cake Toppers With Metallic Shimmer

While some couples prefer adding a personalized touch, there are others who prefer to impart a royal and grand appeal with their decor. Wedding cake toppers that exude a metallic shimmer such as the gold metal crown cake topper and the gold crystal metallic crown cake topper can be the perfect choice for these couples who wish to decorate their wedding cakes with royal grandeur. While these metallic shimmering and unique wedding cake toppers can embellish the wedding cake with royal grandeur, they eventually can be used as stunning centerpieces on the tables during various other occasions. Be it your family dinner event or a fun-filled backyard brunch party with your friends and loved ones, positioning these cake toppers at the center of the tables while enjoying some tasty food can make up for a wholesome dining experience. Moreover, unique and creative cake toppers like the fairytale castle cake topper and silver candelabra cake topper can prove to be mind bowing additions to the showcases after the wedding ceremony. A silver candelabra with bright burning candles during the evening times can create a serene ambiance within your abode even during normal days.

Unique And Whimsical Cake Toppers

A fun-filled ceremony such as a wedding can be made even more glorious by including décor items that exude a whimsical allure. Thus, using unique wedding cake toppers and custom cake toppers that look visually appealing can be a fantastic idea to elevate the vibe of the event to a whole new level. Especially, choosing toppers such as the balloon cloud cake topper garland or the real feathers LED light up cake topper can help you achieve your desired look with impeccable elegance and charm. The added benefit of such whimsical wedding cake toppers is that they can be reused for various other special occasions as well and they do not necessarily have to be present as cake toppers. The unique and charming balloon toppers or the radiant LED ones can adorn any part of the party venue with flawless finesse that will gain undivided attention from all your guests.


Every cake topper has its own charm and beauty. While metallic cake toppers exude royal grandeur, rustic or vintage wedding cake toppers create an ambiance that will leave every single guest at the event truly impressed. As usual, we will be very glad to know your thoughts and ideas about how else wedding cake toppers can be used for other occasions after the big day.

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